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HOT SHOTS  December 2018 issue of Entrepreneur (function(){window.viewReq=[];window.vu=function(b){var a=new Image;a.src=b.replace("&","&");viewReq.push(a)};}).call(this); vu("https://securepubads.g.doubleclick.net/pagead/adview?ai\u003dCQuBPVk_sW9DwH8yBMaq5hdAP_Jim8U3Oz73Y6gLAjbcBEAEgAGDJrrSN8KSwEIIBF2NhLXB1Yi0xMDM3MzczMjk1MzcxMTEwyAEJ4AIAqAMBqgTmAU_QTi4v5LtBBVG-g0h87dpMK5oaJcEcAJbMMadcUZkVkCg7s15qtDPQmI3-4UohCR-V2xBM6eqEBKNj-lqdTF8yqODTU0Z_TNjasXCrbQSUkjyKZtp85dGkNSZ2rlzZZ3_i8rfEEN3fOAx6_X1oAPeTW_s5sT4jcHfJ4_WPHaWI57e3t-Picidk3XMylP_ywd86YSMkLIIVLlghHfzIk6OkO1_oeiCRijsLjCtisxsbZxyXqs4JELk8TTg7pDimL_EPLJn2asDeKLc2IlGCXqA6O_YJlrIwaNHp3yaz-1cAKz3JGJS04AQBgAbPqMfvmMb2j02gBiGoB6a-G6gH2csbqAfPzBvYBwDSCAUIgGEQAQ\u0026sigh\u003dSjGAZiMDJhg\u0026tpd\u003dAGWhJmsjfViFUOFr26hSKMmS_USrlvMLWZY-XADtfkEys4aNtXcc6tMWuPLyadWtV_JyIQx9Av4ckbKfGL8u4PCX_hoxfoCm-8Kf3LfSQllj2AXoKIx2IyZJsEuPna83S1U2d8OOiee8kPWqxnng4geVmuf7lxEJ7sFtofJLVieTP7-oA-lRpm5iyp797x0fO-86Ri5P9MqrIlzANY4S6vFLtbCVl48f6kp-EjzFc2F9b52LNBzuG08GJq7-8D79ug-w96JgCcI48rtIvGrsfHOQtAVg6CUQ3pPw825iqFEaYrUlCgBQywqGqU4dkoSDufZ3rEy9sYWDsE47Zox-I_latLqDIHn9h4Enk_cH4swoSlz4ocU_2rY0qG7plxmWQFM-6SQfXxioEmaaQNVEsXc94pz5yZxxqR9OP3n0V8CIdEe-_YU9-nOmifulKeQe2VYH_t4nOiUd5Hz-ZDbsWdWcL7kGKAR0tUhvh4eK2gviHoWN7CckRjDzIYPxf5VCI2L7Zb0YRZTMCbgf_8ZVhqWIDa-suvtSQgd3Iaf4N8Gn_tJlomoKzeLRj5HG2w-KAFg1sMNXsxjzABfqTsQ0LfsufsBPNIPa4akZyerxuBGXdH-GH3s-l1nxrMErR5zlF3vHYDhCKdGp_Kn8B-EB_nonlfaFImPFZ8vcvLDOXFeI0Dz_3XT7IAWJ5XJ6epksEjmXWhzUbvBOFkilwPW1GEvWGsqhZVmF7bLklnNDxwVJF1UQIY2dlm4cq-G_GdXc4S8MRr_YIqCnFiZC49y8mtc") rubicon_cb = Math.random(); rubicon_rurl = document.referrer; if(top.location==document.location){rubicon_rurl = document.location;} rubicon_rurl = escape(rubicon_rurl); window.rubicon_ad = "3162067" + "." + "js"; window.rubicon_creative = "3169883" + "." + "js"; What will boom in franchising for 2019? Here's our forecast. Every December, we at Entrepreneur like to make our predictions for what will be the hottest franchise categories in the year ahead. How do we decide? For one thing, we consider the data that we've collected over the past year. We look at the types of businesses that are just beginning to franchise in large numbers, like poke restaurants and DIY studios. We also take note of existing franchises that are experiencing a lot of growth even in more established industries, like childcare and fitness. And, to be honest, we also rely a bit on our gut. After 40-plus years of covering the franchise industry, we think we've developed a pretty good sense of how to tell what's trending. So whether you're interested in getting on the ground floor of the next big thing or investing in a franchise industry that's already proven itself and looks to continue going strong, consider this list of the hottest franchise categories for 2019. BEAUTY/GROOMING SERVICES Cherry Blow Dry Bar Blowouts, extensions, makeup, hair treatments and styling STARTUP COST:  $236.4K-395.9K TOTAL UNITS  (Franchised/Co-Owned)  17/1 function initWindowFocus() {window['window_focus_for_click'] =wfocusnhinit("https://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/pagead/conversion/?ai\u003dCQuBPVk_sW9DwH8yBMaq5hdAP_Jim8U3Oz73Y6gLAjbcBEAEgAGDJrrSN8KSwEIIBF2NhLXB1Yi0xMDM3MzczMjk1MzcxMTEwyAEJ4AIAqAMBqgTmAU_QTi4v5LtBBVG-g0h87dpMK5oaJcEcAJbMMadcUZkVkCg7s15qtDPQmI3-4UohCR-V2xBM6eqEBKNj-lqdTF8yqODTU0Z_TNjasXCrbQSUkjyKZtp85dGkNSZ2rlzZZ3_i8rfEEN3fOAx6_X1oAPeTW_s5sT4jcHfJ4_WPHaWI57e3t-Picidk3XMylP_ywd86YSMkLIIVLlghHfzIk6OkO1_oeiCRijsLjCtisxsbZxyXqs4JELk8TTg7pDimL_EPLJn2asDeKLc2IlGCXqA6O_YJlrIwaNHp3yaz-1cAKz3JGJS04AQBgAbPqMfvmMb2j02gBiGoB6a-G6gH2csbqAfPzBvYBwDSCAUIgGEQAQ\u0026sigh\u003dFSKKoZr9rE8","Vk_sW4PWHNCNMOGluIAJ","CNDz5-yo1N4CFcxADAodqlwB-g");}if (window.wfocusnhinit) {initWindowFocus();} else {window['google_wf_async'] = initWindowFocus;} osdlfm(-1,'','BLsyyVk_sW9DwH8yBMaq5hdAPAM7PvdjqAgAAEAE4AcgBCeACAOAEAaAGIdIIBQiAYRAB','',1480116331,true,'ud\u003d1\u0026la\u003d0\u0026alp\u003dai\u0026alh\u003d3062686491\u0026',3,'','//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/activeview?avi\u003dBLsyyVk_sW9DwH8yBMaq5hdAPAM7PvdjqAgAAEAE4AcgBCeACAOAEAaAGIdIIBQiAYRAB',''); googqscp.init([[[[null,500,99,2,9,null,null,null,1]]],null,null,null,null,null,null,null,0]); if (window.top && window.top.postMessage) {window.top.postMessage('{"googMsgType":"adpnt"}','*');}

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for Cherry Blow Dry Bar Dr. Phillips

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for Cherry Blow Dry Bar Dr. Phillips Photo courtesy of WOCC West Orange Chamber of Commerce  members celebrate the opening of the Cherry Blow Dry Bar in  Dr. Phillips . West Orange Chamber of Commerce  representatives held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Cherry Blow Dry Bar in  Dr. Phillips . WOCC builds partnerships, strong businesses and commitment to the community by serving as the leading business advocate in Central Florida, facilitating opportunity to nearly 1,000 member businesses. For more information about WOCC, call 407-656-1304 or visit wochamber.com. View the full article here .

Glam Hair Styling Services with a Cherry on Top

Glam Hair Styling Services with a Cherry on Top Published on lifestylefrisco.com The tagline of  Cherry Blow Dry Bar  says it all… providing glam hair styling services at affordable prices. At Cherry Blow Dry Bar, there’s a price point for everyone to experience their full menu of styling services. Beautiful blowouts, dry styles, braids, updos, treatments, scalp massages, and hair extensions, plus makeup applications, and styles for little ones. You Deserve the Cherry Best Cherry Blow Dry Bar’s team of highly-trained stylists use the best brands, like  Blowpro  and  Pureology  hair care,  HotHeads  hair extensions,  Beauty Addicts  and  Ecru Beauty  professional makeup, and  Keratin Complex  repair and treatment systems. The talented stylists are there to give customers beautiful blowouts no matter the hair texture – curly, fine, short, or long. Cherry Blow Dry Bar is all about giving you a smooth style and gorgeous hair care extraordinaire! Background of the Business Originally founded by two brothers in Cherry Hill, NJ, the business and their hair following has grown, transforming the original concept of blowout styling into a wildly popular membership model. The Cherry model offers a way to get a  “look good, feel good”  service whenever you need it – all day, every day. With six locations in New Jersey, plus three more blossoming soon, Cherry Blow Dry Bar has a big presence on the east coast. But, the beauty business is growing across the nation with more locations open or in-development in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Coral Gables and Orlando, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, New Orleans, Louisiana, three in Pennsylvania, and in addition to our Frisco location, Texas has another Cherry Blow Dry Bar in College Station. In February 2018, Shelly Maestranzi opened the Frisco location at none other than THE most stylish and on-trend space in town –  The Star . Shelly wants Cherry Blow Dry Bar to become a big part of the Frisco community. She says, We’re excited to now be here in Frisco and participating in all that the community has to offer by getting to know everyone who lives and works in the area. We’re also currently hiring more stylists, and those who have the skills are encouraged  to apply . Our memberships start as low as $59.99 per month, and unused blowouts roll over to the next month. Our members have access to exclusive rewards and can redeem points for services, products, and much more! Trend Alert Anyone interested in truly transforming their look in an instant should consider hair extensions and Cherry Blow Dry Bar can make it happen. Extensions also help with curls to hold, and can be the perfect solution during the difficult transition from shorter styles to growing longer hair. While hair extensions are a very popular beauty trend, quality hair extensions can be expensive. With volume purchasing power, Cherry Blow Dry Bar offers the service at affordable costs for an instant transformation. Repeat As Needed The membership packages are the key to getting the best pricing for Cherry’s glam services. The Signature Membership includes two blowouts per month, and they roll over to the next month if you can’t use them! Need more? The Trendsetter might be for you with four blowouts per month. You can also pre-purchase twelve blowouts to use as you wish throughout the year.  Memberships perks include discounted services, exclusive rewards, and 10% off retail products. If you haven’t already spotted Cherry’s prime location facing the iconic Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters at The Star in Frisco, look for it next time you’re there for dinner. Better yet, stop in for a free consultation and see for yourself that Cherry is your new go-to for a glamorous look, hair-transforming long curls, or trendy braids. Visit  Cherry Blow Dry Bar Frisco online  or call (469) 535-3700 to book your first appointment. Find the full article: here

Cherry Blow Dry Bar expands to Metairie

Cherry Blow Dry Bar expands to Metairie Published on NewOrleansCityBusiness.com  on June 14, 2018 A New Jersey-based salon that specializes in express hair and makeup styling has moved into Metairie. Cherry Blow Dry Bar opened at 210 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Suite B in early June. A news release said the shop created 12 jobs, with an additional 12 anticipated in the next two months. Cosmetologist Shalanta Jackson and her husband Oliver hope to open other shops across the region as their company grows. The company provides blowouts, hair extensions and makeup services. It received a $225,000 loan from the Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission, which financed half of the project and covered leasehold improvements and operating capital. Cherry Blow Dry Bar launched in 2016 and began franchising in 2015. It operates 17 salons in seven states and has nearly 25 more in development. Find the full article: here