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State of the Art: Blowout tips

Perfecting the art of the blowout takes practice, but it also requires the right tools. Here's how to up your game. Blow-dry bars were disrupters when they first emerged six or seven years ago. The challenge for salon owners was how to compete with chains like Drybar and Blo, which were ostensibly taking customers away from them. But as the weekly blowout because a full-blown trend - think weekly wash 'n' sets in the 1950's - the solution for a lot of salon owners was to add blowouts to the service menu and aggressively market them to their regular clients. Still, do nothing but blowouts all day, every day, and you're probably going to become fairly proficient at it, and that's where blow dry bars have the advantage. So if you want to steal a little of their thunder, you've got to perfect your technique. MariLynne Cosmillo is Director of Education and Operations at Cherry Blow Dry Bar, which has six locations in four states and six additional locations in development that are expected to open by the end of the year. An accomplished hairstylist who has traveled across the U.S. as well as internationally to train stylists in the art of the blowout, she has styled celebrities like Blake Lively, Lauren Conrad, and Kate Upton and has been featured in beauty and fashion magazines like  Allure  and  Marie Claire.  Here, she shares her expert advice for delivering state-of-the-art blowouts. DO THIS, NOT THAT 1. Stay near. Long-lasting blowouts are the result of thorough styling, meaning it's important to stay organized and section the hair. 2. Take two-to three-inch sections around the head based on density, working in order of importance, focusing on your most challenging areas first so they don't dry on their own and work against you. 3. Blow-dry each section completely from root to tip before moving on to the next one. This prevents you from leaving damp spots in the hair which ultimately cause the blowout to frizz and fall quickly, comprimising its longevity. 4. Check for dryness by using the cool air shot when you're finished with each section. Simply touch the hair - any dampness will stand out if it's cold to the touch. Fixing these spots right away will save you time. The cool shot will also help seal the cuticle for shine and lock in the style. View Article