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The Best Content To Post To Gain New Business

Social networking sites can be hard to navigate sometimes, and knowing what to post to generate business can be a hassle. Here are a few suggestions on what you can post if you’re looking to boost your business with online strategies.  Before/After Shots Before and after pictures can be huge in displaying the talent of you and your staff. This will show people exactly what you’re capable of doing, and how much damage you can work with. If they see that you were able to turn a messed-up home cut into something beautiful or help someone bounce back from a poorly done box dye, they will know exactly where they need to go if they find themselves with a hair emergency.  Customer Reviews Showing honest reviews from satisfied customers can be a great way to promote your business and show your followers that you are good at what you do! This is also a good way to acknowledge your customers, thank them for their kind words and make them feel seen. In doing this you build positive relationships with your regulars and ensure that they will not only come back regularly but feel welcome when they do. Talk About Your (Favorite) Products! Talking about and demonstrating how to use your favorite products can generate new business- especially if they are your own products you sell in your shop. In these posts you can include a link to send people to your website so they can order your products. Keep Your Followers Up To Date Is there news about your salon? Did you hire a talented new hairdresser or get an awesome new product you think they’ll enjoy? Did you start offering a service your clients have been begging for? Let it be known. People are often intrigued by new things in businesses they trust.  How-to Videos With our current events, a lot of people may find that they would rather stay home than go to a salon. So, instead of them going to the salon, bring the salon to them. You can post simple how-to videos on your page to offer your followers worthwhile advice on certain haircuts and hairstyles. Keep it simple, keep it easy, and if your advice was helpful, they will have your salon in the back of their mind once they’re ready to go out again.  All of this is on top of the various other creative things you may decide to start talking about on your page. There are a million things you can post to promote your business, and not every business page should look the same. So don’t be afraid to make yourself stand out. If you have any questions, remember you can contact us for advice. We are here to ensure the success of your franchise!

Tips and Tricks on How to take the best photos for your Cherry Instagram

  A good social media presence can be key for good business. In our current day, social media is one of the best ways to advertise your brand without paying a ton of money- you just have to know how to do it. So taking good pictures for your Instagram account is paramount in keeping up your number of followers and clients. We are rooting for your success with this franchise, so here are a few good tips and tricks for making sure your Cherry Dry Bar Instagram is flawless and appealing.  Use Good Lighting Lighting is incredibly important when you’re taking appealing photos. It can be the key factor in whether your photo will look nice, or lifeless. Don’t take photos in light that is too bright, because it will obstruct details and no one will be able to understand what is happening in the picture. At the same time, you also don’t want your photos to be too dark for similar reasons. Lighting can be used to emphasize certain aspects of photos as well, so you should think about getting lights specifically designed for taking a good picture. This isn’t necessary, but it can help. If you’re lucky enough to have your windows positioned towards the rising/setting sun, you can also count on the golden hour to light up your salon and offer some photos with an appealing soft glow. Golden hour can vary depending on your location, but the majority of the time it can be noticed at twilight, between 6-7 am and 7-8 pm.  Understanding Filters Filters are far from necessary, but they can pretty up and add to otherwise more boring photos. Certain filters can add brightness to the picture you took, making for a cleaner and more detailed-looking image. They can also add a nice glow to a picture if you missed golden hour. Just don’t use any that are overly saturated, otherwise, the colors may be strange.  Optimal Angles Angles are very important when taking a nice photo. Taking photos at different angles will spice up your feed and keep it interesting. At the same time, getting the right angle is important for making sure that you get a picture worth posting. Don’t be afraid to play around with them to see what works best for your salon’s setup. Don’t be afraid to look at other successful salon’s Instagrams and look at their most popular photos to understand what angles work best either. Keeping things neat, clean, and parallel can be a good starting point.  Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words! You’ll be competing with a lot of different businesses, so making sure your photos are well done and stand out will help keep attention on you and your business. Use the proper hashtags so people can discover your salon, and post frequently as well to make sure Instagram’s algorithm favors you. All these things will not only help ensure you take good pictures but boost the chances of you growing your platform. 

How Social Media is Key In Promoting Awareness For Your Salon

Social media in our society has become a big part of promoting businesses everywhere. This includes your Cherry Dry Bar Franchise. Here, we list some of the many perks to using social media for your business and growth. It Increases Awareness of Your Brand Posting your business publicly is a major way to increase people’s awareness of your business. Especially frequent posting. This is because social media sites run off of algorithms, and those algorithms tend to favor frequent posters. It’s a technique in marketing your business totally unique to this time period and can spread knowledge of your services far and wide. This is without mentioning the benefits of having your viewers share your content with others. They can give you tons of feedback as well! Cost-Effective Advertising  Having a public profile for your business alone is an advertisement for your brand, with the cost being a few clicks of a button every day. With you and others sharing and spreading knowledge of your business, you’ll get more clientele. Paid promotions online also tend to be less expensive in comparison to other options. This gives you the opportunity to promote your business to the public without needing to break the bank.  Use it to Advertise Your Services The service you provide is without a doubt a big deal for potential customers. Using these social media platforms to show and promote the service you provide, letting people see behind the veil and feeling like they can trust you, will not only let them see the talent you and your stylists have on hand but create a welcoming environment that will make even the most nervous client feel welcome.  This also gives your customers the unique opportunity to see what service they can expect beforehand, and decide if they’re willing to spend time and money for it. Being transparent, letting them know how you operate, and answering questions will cater well to your potential customers and tell them that your service and staff will be pleasant to work with and be good at their work.  Partnership Opportunities   When you’re online you can actually create partnerships or do collaborations with other businesses, creators, and influencers. People who have an audience you don’t, or people with large platforms in general, can really help boost your following, and in turn, grow your business. This is just one step up from friends and family recommending your brand, which is what people have relied on in the past. Remember we want to help you grow your business and be as successful as you can be. If you have any burning questions you need to have answered, make sure to contact us!

How to Advertise for your New Business with Facebook Marketing

  Facebook is a method a lot of business owners can use to market their business. It can be used for a variety of different types of businesses and salons are no exception. You can show off your services and let potential customers know what your salon has to offer! So, here we’re giving you some tips on how to market your Cherry Blow Dry Bar effectively on Facebook.  Posting What you post on your social media account is vital to your views. There are algorithms to consider on what Facebook will boost, and those algorithms like frequent posters. You can post pictures of hairstyles and haircuts, or write text posts relevant to the happenings in your salon. You’ll want to post something engaging - something your clients and viewers can interact with. Ask questions or post polls.  Create Ads Did you know that Facebook actually has a feature to make ads? If you go onto your page, there should be an “ad center” option. When you click on that, you’re given the option for creating an ad. There is a cost to making them, but making a Facebook ad is a good way to spread the word for your page and business.  Do Livestreams People who love your business will love to watch live streams and people who don’t know your business can learn a lot from them. Live streaming when you can, especially if they offer good information, will offer entertaining insight for both current fans and those who remain skeptical. It’s a way to feel personal without actually getting too personal as well, allowing people to feel more comfortable and casual with you and your employees.  Share Helpful Information Do you have products that can help people with common beauty problems? Make an informational post about it! Have any tips on how to fix common beauty issues at home? Tell the people. When you’re posting this kind of information it is both a tactic for advertising your products and lets people know that you care about them at home just as much as when they’re in the salon. It will help you feel like a legitimate and trustworthy business.  Update Frequently Make sure that you’re posting regular updates about any changes that happen in your salon! If there are unusual closings coming up, your hour's change, or any new services you have to offer let it be known. If you have a shop make sure they know when popular items are restocked. Keeping your client and viewer base frequently updated on your salon’s changes will ensure that they can book appointments and make orders effectively, without disrupting your schedule or their own.  You can do a lot on Facebook to promote your business. Doing so can make quite a name for your Cherry Blow Dry Bar salon. And there’s a lot more you can do than what we have compiled here- so if you’re doing something that’s effective, then keep up the good work. If you have any more questions make sure you contact us, we want to help ensure your franchise thrives!

Tips and Tricks to Engage Clients on Instagram Stories

  Social media is an effective way to engage clients and advertise your brand, and Instagram stories are an easy way to provide everyday content. It’s a fun and unique way for you to interact with clients, followers, and lets you show story-exclusive content you might not be able to show in your main feed. Why Make a Story? Instagram stories are viewed by far more people than your followers - more specifically, the highlighted stories saved to your profile can be viewed by anyone. With millions of people viewing stories every day, even people who simply stumble across your profile will be watching the stories you post. You can interact with followers and clients directly with stories, and show them the reality behind your more prim and proper feed. They can help your salon feel a little more welcoming and personal, which can help people feel more comfortable with you and encourage them to book an appointment. Interacting with Followers Should anyone tag your profile, make sure you reply back to the user or repost it on your own story. When you take the time to respond to tags, it lets them know that you care about their customer satisfaction and it gives you an opportunity to show off your stylists work from the customers themselves! In turn, this encourages clients to continue sharing your work on their page, which ultimately provides you free advertising.  What Should I Post? There are a lot of different things you can post on your stories to engage with followers and gain attention. You can talk about different beauty products you carry and why you love them Show off your expertise and educate your followers Make highlight reels of your stylists, so people can know them a little better.  Let your followers see the behind-the-scenes preparations and day-to-day aspects of your job.  Show off your salon so people will feel more familiar with it when they come in. As a reminder, stories only last for 24 hours. If you want to keep your stories on your profile, you can save them to your profile ‘highlights’. They will be displayed on your profile, so it’s best to make sure your highlighted stories are informative.  Stories are an opportunity for you to really show off your salon in a creative way. You can run wild with ideas, and it only takes a few minutes out of each day to promote your business. Stories are a place where you can show the real, human side of being a salon owner in an appealing way, and will surely help boost your name and profits!

Amp Up Your Online Marketing this Spring

  Spring is a pivotal point to your Cherry salon. It’s post-holiday specials and right in time for people wanting to get out with the warmer weather, making changes to their hairstyles and hair color, and it’s the time leading up to prom when teens will flock to your Cherry looking for updos and blowouts for the special event. That is if you do your online marketing correctly!   As you know, your salon isn’t the only one within a few miles radius. So, your Cherry needs to stand out from the competition.   Win ‘em over with reviews. Your potential clients want to hear and see reviews and pictures from current clients that love their hair. Online reputations are vital and can be a determining factor for people to decide to come to your Cherry or not. Finding a new stylist, and trusting their hair to someone, can be intimidating. When they see an overwhelming amount of consistently positive reviews – with pictures of amazing hair – that may be all they need to book.    If you need more reason to see how important reviews are: Consumers are more likely to click on businesses that have a high review rating. A study found that over 58% of people will click on a business with a local search, even if it’s not the top result if it has positive reviews.  Improve your online social presence. Potential clients will visit your Instagram and Facebook to view your work and highlight your team’s skills while enticing new clients to come through the doors. By posting pictures often and posting high-quality content, it will highlight your team’s skills while enticing new clients to come through the doors.    To stay on track, set up a daily or weekly social media to-do list. You can also schedule them a week or month at a time with your FB Business Manager.  Some ideas for photos of your Cherry to post: Before and after images of your client Interior photos of your salon An employee shoutout or new employee introduction Action shots of your staff with guests Haircare items or sale items Quick tutorial videos Don’t forget about using local hashtags including your #Cherry ones. It’s a great way for locals to search and find you! There’s a lot you can do to show off just how wonderful your Cherry Blow Dry Bar really is! Remember, if you ever have any questions, we are always here to help you make your franchise a success!