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Marketing Strategies to Locally Promote Your Cherry Salon

As a salon franchise owner, you always want to attract more clients to your salon. However, it’s easy to get into a rut when it comes to marketing strategies when trying to promote yourself in your own local community. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to not only keep your loyal clients coming back but also attract new clients.  Here are some strategies that will make your Cherry get noticed. Promote a “Slow Time Package”. Your clients are busy! They don’t always have the time to come after work or on the weekend. A visit to the salon is a welcomed escape in the middle of the afternoon from the chaos of a busy workday. By creating and promoting an express service package that is offered during lunch, or other slow times at your Cherry, you are bringing business into your salon when it would otherwise be slow, and you are giving you’re your clients the opportunity to take a much-needed break when it works best for them with the ‘bonus’ of an express service package. Your clients will appreciate this service for some midday pampering.  Build an Insta-Friendly Space for Selfies. Want an easy way to bring in business? Have your happy clients share photos on their social media showing their friends and family why they should come into your Cherry! Set up an area in your salon where they can take a selfie (or take a photo with the help of their stylist) to show off their gorgeous look. Be sure to use a Cherry backdrop, use a ring light for best lighting, and offer a discount on their next service when they share on social media with your @salon’s Instagram handle and your hashtag. What could be simpler! Keep your Google My Business Listing Current. It’s important to make sure your listing shows updated and correct information when people search for local salons in your area. Your Google listing is a leading source for clients, and potential clients, to check your hours, find your address, get directions to your Cherry, make an appointment, and see positive reviews that can sway them to come to your salon over another.  You want to make sure your location and contact details are correct, your hours are up-to-date, holiday hours are noted, and your link to your website and booking tool is prominent on your listing. Be sure to ask your loyal and happy clients to leave reviews on Google! 5-star reviews are a powerful testament to the quality of service and will bring new clients to your Cherry Blow Dry Bar. Google posts are another way to update your page, show you are active, and give important information, specials, and news about your salon.  Sponsor a Charity Event. Nothing says a partner in the community like sponsoring a charity event. It’s a great way to give back to your community while helping your salon stand out to potential new clients. Every community is different, so look at your own and decide on an event that you’re comfortable with while allowing you to give back. If you can’t see an event that you think is a fit for you, make your own! In these hard times, teaming up with a local unemployment office or temp firm to offer free haircuts to those searching for employment can be very beneficial and will boost the confidence of those looking for a job.  Remember, if you ever have any questions, we are always here to help you make your franchise a success!

Cherry Blow Dry Bar Set to Open in Brandon, FL

Cherry Blow Dry Bar Set to Open in Brandon, FL Affordable Dry Bar chain brings Upscale Express Beauty to Brandon Cherry Blow Dry Bar , one of the fastest growing blow dry bar franchises in the country, is set to open its first location in Brandon, FL this summer. The new location will service the Brandon and the Tampa Bay areas. Cherry Blow Dry Bar offers their signature express services including blowouts and lash extensions through their affordable membership model. Their premium services include keratin treatments, hair extensions, haircuts and color – most recently launching the popular brow lamination and lash lift services. The new salon, located at located at 935 Bloomingdale Ave, Brandon, FL 33511  will offer a unique membership program starting as low as $39 for a monthly blowout to nearby residents.  Customers can pick and choose from Cherry Blow Dry Bar’s styling menu, which includes nine different hairstyles – from updos and beachy waves to braids and voluminous curls.  In addition to accommodating their loyal members, they also cater towards groups, bridal parties and even little ones.  “I am so excited to bring Cherry Blow Dry Bar to the Tampa market,” said Lisa Murray, owner of Cherry Blow Dry Bar in Brandon, FL. “Hillsborough County is one of the fastest growing areas. The new location is designed to meet the need for upscale styling services at affordable prices.” Cherry Blow Dry Bar’s team of highly trained, talented stylists work with all types of hair using the best tools and products in the industry.  Brands include Blowpro and Pureology hair care, HotHeads hair extensions, Bella Lash extensions, Keratin Complex repair and treatment systems and other popular lines. During its opening month, the Brandon Cherry Blow Dry Bar will be offering several limited time offers including $10 off any lash or brow service and $30 Blowouts. To stay up to date, follow along Brandon’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/brandonfl . For other local entrepreneurs in the Tampa- area looking to join the expanding franchise and open up their own salon, visit www.cherryblowdrybar.com/franchise/ for more information. About Cherry Blow Dry Bar Launched in 2013 and franchising since 2015, Cherry Blow Dry Bar is an expanding franchise that provides premium express services including hair blowouts, hair extensions, makeup services, lash extensions and treatments for a perfectly finished look, all at affordable prices through a unique membership model. Today, there are 16 Cherry Blow Dry Bar salons open and operating in five states, with 80 more in various stages of development. For more information, please visit www.cherryblowdrybar.com . SOURCE Cherry Blow Dry Bar

5 Benefits to Boosting Your Cherry Salon with Google Reviews

  Google reviews are an important aspect of your Cherry location’s success. New reviews not only increase your visibility but also your ROI. Here are 5 other reasons why you should take that extra step to ensure your clients are leaving Google reviews.   Influence potential guests. You may not be aware that a whopping 91% of consumers read online customer reviews when looking for a new service. Out of that 91%, 84% of them trust online reviews as they would a recommendation from a friend! Positive reviews, and responses from you back to the guest, gain trust in those that are looking to visit your Cherry!   Boosts interaction with guests. When you answer a Google review, both good or bad, in a timely manner, it shows that their opinions matter to you. Google also recognizes response activity to the review and in turn will boost the rankings.   Increases SEO and visibility. Google tracks all activity of ratings and recognizes those businesses with high ratings and a quick response time. A good review rating can push your Cherry to the Google Local Pack. This means that Google lists the first three businesses toward the top of the search page based on your location.     Improves awareness of the brand. The more often potential clients see the Cherry Blow Dry Bar name, the more likely they will be to remember and visit your Cherry when they need a blowout, haircut, or other services. Awareness and trust are huge in the success of your franchise.   Learn from your guests. Positive and negative reviews from your clients are valuable feedback. You can use this feedback to gain important insights to make improvements to your Cherry salon. You can learn about not just the salon experience, but what products your guests love the most and what stylists are making good impressions with their expertise.   One great way to boost Google reviews and encourage guests to leave reviews is with a QR code. It’s easy to display a QR code at the stylist’s stations, at the checkout, and even on the window as guests leave. This allows them to scan the code and leave a quick review when their service is fresh in their minds. When people see your Cherry is top-rated, they are more apt to trust and build loyalty with your location. There’s a lot you can do to show off just how wonderful your Cherry Blow Dry Bar really is! Remember, if you ever have any questions, we are always here to help you make your franchise a success!  

Use Facebook to Boost Salon Visits

Facebook provides a good way for you to share your hairstyles, haircuts, services, and products with everyone in your area. It also serves a useful purpose to allow your current clients to share your page with their friends to bring more guests into your Cherry Blow Dry Bar. The following are helpful tips for marketing your Cherry salon on Facebook. 1. Post lots and lots of pictures. One of the best ways to show off the talent of your Cherry stylists is to show the world just how talented they are. Posting pictures showcasing blowouts, updos, haircuts, makeup, and lashes will give your clients and clients-to-be a good idea of what your Cherry is capable of and will even inspire them to come in and request something they’ve seen on your Facebook page. Did you know that posts with pictures have a 120% more engagement rate than text-only posts? 2. Write relevant posts. People like to engage on posts and give their opinion. Don’t be afraid to ask questions on your posts – “What is your go-to updo for summer fun?” It’s a conversation starter that is relevant to your salon, is personalized to your guests, and is something that a majority of followers would enjoy discussing and posting selfies.   3. Treat your Facebook page as a mini-website. When people land on your Facebook page, they should be able to find all the information they are looking for. Salon location, products, hours, services, photos, and reviews are all tabs that are helpful in making your page user-friendly and helpful.  4. Keeping Clients Up to Date. Use Facebook to keep your clients up to date on changes to your Cherry such as weather closures, hour changes, and anything else they may need to know quickly. You can even let them know if you have last-minute openings for services so they know they can quickly come in and get their favorite service and fill an open appointment slot. 5. People Love Contests. It’s true! Whether it be an add-on to a booked service or a discount to a specialized service such as a Mother’s Day promo, people are more likely to engage on the contest page post or share it with their own Facebook friends. This can create more awareness for your Cherry to people that may not already follow you. 6. Exclusive deals for Facebook fans. When liking a business on Facebook, customers like to feel as though they are appreciated in return. You can entice them to like you on Facebook by offering 10% off their next visit or 10% off products while at your salon. By knowing that you offer exclusive deals to fans, customers will want to follow your page more closely for promos and will tell their friends so they can save as well. There’s a lot you can do to show off just how wonderful your Cherry Blow Dry Bar really is! Remember, if you ever have any questions, we are always here to help you make your franchise a success!

Use Your Community for Local Brand Awareness

Once you get your franchise off the ground, it’s important to get involved with your community. Not only do you want people to know about your Cherry Blow Dry Bar, but you also want them to see that you’re invested in the community as well. There are a lot of simple ideas for local marketing to bring awareness to your salon while increasing your clientele. Engage with your community. This is a little harder right now because of Covid and social distancing, but there are still many ways to stay active with the locals. If your community is starting to have events again, whether at the local community center or larger venues like bridal shows, setting up a CBDB booth is a great option for people to learn about all the salon services you offer. This may be off the table for a while yet, but offering a blowout or style free to your local senior center or retirement home will show that you care about your community and will reflect positively on their family who would be more apt to visit your salon. Partner with local businesses. You can generate a lot of business by partnering with other small business owners that can refer your salon. Wedding vendors, photographers, local boutiques, and even bed and breakfasts are examples of small businesses that can mutually benefit from a local referral program. Local Facebook groups. Becoming a part of your local community Facebook pages, both as a business owner and as a member of the neighborhood, gets your name out there. People start to know your name, know that you own the Cherry Blow Dry Bar, but even more importantly, see that you care about your neighborhood and are a friendly face that can be trusted. People love to support local businesses and when people see you as a “friend” on social media, they are more apt to become loyal customers. Support our youth. Many youth organizations, girl’s high school sports, and other associations rely on fundraisers to support their cause. Be open to the idea of putting together a fundraiser that can help them but also bring in more clients to your salon. Remember: those girls will be needing their hair done for prom, graduation, other formal events. Exposing them to a great blowout, style, lash extensions, or any of your other great services will be fostering future business. Selfie Station. Lastly, if you don’t already have one, setting up a selfie station in the corner of your Cherry is a great way to generate free salon marketing. People love to share their experiences and show off great hair and makeup. By setting up a selfie station and having hashtags clearly posted, you encourage your clients to share on social media. Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful form of marketing. Engaging in your local community can bring a lot of loyalty to your Cherry! Be creative and showcase all the great things your Cherry offers. Remember, if you ever have any questions, we are always here to help you make your franchise a success!  

Making the Most of Your Social Posts

  Getting the most out of your social posts can be important in growing your clientele. When taking photos, the lighting, shadows, and excitement from your client can go a long way in posting good quality photos.  The social posts that you post on Facebook with trending hairstyles, before & after shots, and photos of our great services, can influence your followers to be inspired to come into your Cherry. Getting the Right Temperature Your lightning in the salon should be flattering to the complexion and compliment the overall design of your salon. If you post photos that make your clients look washed out, it isn’t going to entice others to come in. Where you take your pictures matter. Natural lighting is perfect! But if it’s not available, then warm temperature lighting, or soft white bulbs, range from 2,700 to 3,500K will be best. These are the most flattering to the complexion and create a warm and welcoming environment.  Cool temperature bulbs, also known as daylight, bright white, or cool white, range from 3,500K and up are not the most flattering temperature range and can leave the complexion looking dull and pale and the interior of the salon greyed out and uninviting. Avoid Shadows Ensure that where you place your clients for their final photos is free from shadows. If possible. In front of a Cherry backdrop is great with good lighting and no shadows. Shadows can emphasize less desirable features, not show the makeup well, and hide certain intricacies in the hairstyle such as braids, curls, and other features you want to highlight.  Make Photos Inviting While it’s good to take photos of the back of the head, the side, and the front, the way your clients carry themselves is important from all angles. If they are happy with their hair, makeup, or lash extensions, let them show it. Make sure they are smiling or looking pleased (yes, even with the mask on) from all angles. The way their body language shows up when smiling also shows in their eyes, the way they carry their shoulders, and their overall posture.  Have Fun! Have fun taking photos of your clients and post them with pride! Your stylists work hard and are proud of their work. Don’t be afraid to post which stylist did the style. If someone sees a hairstyle on your Facebook page, it will be easy for them to ask for an appointment with that stylist by name and will know they will get the same great style! Social media can have a huge impact on your Cherry Blow Dry Bar by building your clientele and keeping you connected to your clients. The more engaging you are on your Facebook page, the more likes, hits, and shares you will get. This means more people will become interested in your Cherry location and will be more apt to come to your location!  Use the strategies that work best for you to increase sales and build your clientele.  Remember, if you ever have any questions, we are always here to help you make your franchise a success!