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Hashtag and Photo Tips for a Success Cherry Instagram Account

  Since we went over last time about what to post on your Instagram, we thought it’d be helpful to go over hashtags and why they are important for your Instagram account. Essentially, hashtags (#subject) are like keywords. When someone searches Instagram for something, in particular, it scans hashtags to come up with the search results – and that’s what leads people to your page.    While it’s a good idea to use a handful of hashtags, 30 (the maximum allowed by Instagram per post) is a bit excessive. Anywhere from 4-8 hashtags will work perfectly to improve your visibility. Here’s how to select which hashtags to use:   Mention your location. Help potential clients find your Cherry by tagging your photos with your business name and location.   Use specific and general hashtags. If you have wedding hairstyle images, you can always use #weddingupdo, but that is pretty broad and will come up with a ton of search results. Use it, but also try narrowing it down to more specific keywords as well.    Benefit from trending hashtags. Although Instagram doesn’t have a list of trending hashtags like Twitter, chances are, if it’s trending on Twitter, it’s safe to use on other social platforms too.    Take advantage of product hashtags. A lot of product lines have established Instagram sites and product hashtags. Use #pureology, #pureologylove, #styleedit, and other products that your Cherry uses. The product might use your post on their Instagram, which is great exposure for you!   We also talked in the last post about what types of posts to do and what types of pictures to use. You don’t have to use professional pictures or stock photos – your followers love real photos from real clients. Here are some picture-taking tips and helpful tools because, let’s face it, Instagram is all about visuals.   Don’t zoom in, just step closer. On many phones, the zoom isn’t great. It’s better to move closer than use zoom.   Take multiple images . It’s always a good idea to take a photo from different angles. It’s good to have options and you might pick up an interesting view of a masterpiece blowout.    Be mindful of the background. While it’s best to use a Cherry background, you may not always be able to. Be sure there isn’t anything distracting in the background that will take away from a focus on the style/item you’re showcasing.    Tell clients to smile. We want our clients to look happy and excited with their styles! Leave the moody, sullen looks to the runway models.    Use apps to your advantage. Typically, you’ll want to edit the image to give it a little flair. Of course, you want the hairstyle or hair color to show true to itself, but adding some flair can catch the eye of the viewer. Here are a few popular tools to check out:   PicFrame: You can showcase your photos in frames with this handy app and show off that Cherry brand.   Facetune: This app helps you fix blemishes and red-eye on your clients.   Overgram: This is a great app to add text like the words “before” and “after” or to tell them what the hairstyle, hair color, or highlighting technique is that was used.  There’s a lot you can do to show off just how wonderful your Cherry Blow Dry Bar really is! Remember, if you ever have any questions, we are always here to help you make your franchise a success!

What to Post on Your Cherry Instagram

What to post. Of course, just like Facebook, you want a variety of posts. Many salons make the mistake of only reposting their Facebook post to Instagram but you should be taking advantage of Instagram’s visual benefits to posting a lot of variety. Before and after pics: show off the talent of your stylists! A transformational cut, a new hair color, a gorgeous blowout or updo – all ways to show off your Cherry salon! Specialty updos: Special occasions and bridal styles should be shown off in style. Even a creative braid is cause for celebration by giving your audience a chance to see just what you can offer. Styling products: Everyone is looking for something to tame, smooth, and condition their hair in between salon appointments. Snap a picture of one of our many styling products or tools and share it on Instagram. Upcoming deals and offers: If you have a promo or event coming up, this is a great platform to post a picture of an offer, or an in-store poster, to alert your viewers of what’s coming up. Timely posts: Now it’s the holiday season but no matter the time of year – prom, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day – make sure to post relevant images to show off how you can give them a gorgeous service on their special day. Give thanks : Social media is a great place to offer a public thank you to your valued guests for their awesome reviews. You can easily make a graphic of a new Google review for others to see how much you’re loved. Welcome new employees: When you hire new stylists, share the news and a fun image to personalize your salon and make your guests feel a part of the Cherry family. Be creative and fun: It’s ok to post a picture of a style in progress, a quote to be optimistic, a shot of a rainbow outside the salon. Whatever it may be, show your audience that you are human and a part of making your community a happy place. How to attract new followers. You should always be striving to extend your social media reach on all platforms. Here are some ways to boost your following on Instagram. Host a contest: Ask your guests to post a picture of their blowouts to win a $10 off coupon or 10% off styling products. Pick a winner at random but be sure to have them tag their friends when they post their image! Engage with your followers: When someone leaves a comment, make sure to respond promptly. You want to encourage fun, good-natured, positive engagement. Encourage sharing: Don’t be afraid to have your Instagram handle easily viewable in the salon, on your emails, and your Facebook page. Ask your guests to share their hairstyle on your Instagram as well as give your stylists the freedom to share as well. Tag others: If you’ve partnered with a local business in your community or participated in a community event, tag those businesses with an image. The post shows up on their Instagram page so you are shown to a larger audience to gain followers. There’s a lot you can do to show off just how wonderful your Cherry Blow Dry Bar really is! Remember, if you ever have any questions, we are always here to help you make your franchise a success!

Types of Google My Business Posts

  Now that we’ve gone over the benefits of posting on your Google My Business page on the last blog, let’s review the other types of posts available to boost your exposure on Google. Remember that each type has its own value but all posts typically include a photo or video, a title + description, and a call-to-action button. Here are the four different types of posts you can create through GMB for your Cherry salon. What’s New Events Offers Products What’s New The “What’s New” GMB post lets you post recent news, special hours, new product promotions, services available to highlight, pictures from your photo gallery, and other information. This is typically the option you will use the most and generates brand awareness and attracts people to your Cherry. These show as a carousel on your knowledge panel for people to learn about you and will appear in feed format on a mobile search. If you’re ever stuck trying to come up with a post, Google suggests topics based on the top reviews of your business such as services and products your clients love the most.                           Events You can post upcoming events on your profile to help gain publicity. Any promos are events you are doing within your local community marketing is a good way to let local viewers know you’re a part of the community. GMB event posts require you to add an event title, start date, and end date. If you don’t place these dates, the event defaults to 24 hours after posting the event. You can also include a location, description, and a photo or video to make the event more interesting. A CTA (call-to-action) button allows your viewers to RSVP or Learn More about the event.                         Offers These posts are similar to ‘what’s new’ posts and are an excellent way to advertise your monthly specials for free. You do have to put start and end times but also have the option to include links, coupon codes, and terms and conditions so it’s clear for viewers. The “view offer” CTA button can direct viewers to your website page where the offer or special is listed, giving your website more exposure as well.                   Products Product posts show up as a carousel catalog and aren’t shareable like ‘offers’ and ‘what’s new’ posts. However, you can add a product description and price tag to entice shoppers to your e-commerce store. Although all other posts have a timeframe of 7 days, product posts are always shown as active!                                   It's important to keep up to date on these posts to encourage more search results in Google for your Cherry Blow Dry Bar location. It’s also important to keep your GMB page up to date with business hours, location events, and updates on the salon. Remember, i f you ever have any questions, we are always here to help you make your franchise a success!

Improve Your Exposure with Google Posts

                                  If you’ve set up your Google My Business page with all the pertinent business info and think you’re done, think again. While creating a GMB listing is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to appear on the first page of local searches, taking advantage of posting on your GMB page is just as important. Here are some common questions about Google My Business to help you realize why these posts can be beneficial to your Cherry Blow Dry Bar. What are Google posts? They are social media-like posts that are easy to add to your Google My Business dashboard. They can be updates about your brand, upcoming events, offers, and highlight products and services. They are also a good way to set your business apart from your competitor. While your audience cannot share via Google or comment on the posts, they can share your posts to their social media accounts or via email for greater exposure.  What are the advantages of posting on GMB? The most significant advantage is that these posts provide free advertising of your brand, products, services, and offers. You will get more visibility for the search terms that are important to you and promote your Cherry to a larger audience – all without having to spend a penny.  Other benefits to Google My Business posts include: Reaching more people – when you do a post it increases your visibility on their desktop search under your business section sidebar as well as to audiences on mobile with Google maps so more people can find your business online.  Build brand awareness – you are communicating directly with local clients to build awareness of your brand. By relating to your brand, they can make better decisions on coming to you for all their hair care needs.  Keeping your clients informed – you can help keep them updated on business hour changes, holiday information, and other key info.  Engage with your clients directly – GMB posts allow you to engage with local customers right in Google search. Using posts, you can improve your potential client’s experience with photos, videos, and valuable information right when they want it.  Improves local SEO - by giving customers and future customers easy access to your business info, offer, products, and news about your Cherry salon while increasing your map pack ranking. And since GMB is tied to both local search and Google maps, you will rank better for local keywords.  Do the posts show forever? No. Google has confirmed that almost all posts only show for 7 days then are removed. The only exception to this is events that are removed after the event day has passed. Google removes posts after 7 days to help keep the content relevant and fresh for its end users.  Next time we’ll look more closely at the types of posts you can do to get the best awareness and leads for your Cherry Blow Dry Bar. Remember, i f you ever have any questions, we are always here to help you make your franchise a success!

Marketing Strategies to Locally Promote Your Cherry Salon

As a salon franchise owner, you always want to attract more clients to your salon. However, it’s easy to get into a rut when it comes to marketing strategies when trying to promote yourself in your own local community. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to not only keep your loyal clients coming back but also attract new clients.  Here are some strategies that will make your Cherry get noticed. Promote a “Slow Time Package”. Your clients are busy! They don’t always have the time to come after work or on the weekend. A visit to the salon is a welcomed escape in the middle of the afternoon from the chaos of a busy workday. By creating and promoting an express service package that is offered during lunch, or other slow times at your Cherry, you are bringing business into your salon when it would otherwise be slow, and you are giving you’re your clients the opportunity to take a much-needed break when it works best for them with the ‘bonus’ of an express service package. Your clients will appreciate this service for some midday pampering.  Build an Insta-Friendly Space for Selfies. Want an easy way to bring in business? Have your happy clients share photos on their social media showing their friends and family why they should come into your Cherry! Set up an area in your salon where they can take a selfie (or take a photo with the help of their stylist) to show off their gorgeous look. Be sure to use a Cherry backdrop, use a ring light for best lighting, and offer a discount on their next service when they share on social media with your @salon’s Instagram handle and your hashtag. What could be simpler! Keep your Google My Business Listing Current. It’s important to make sure your listing shows updated and correct information when people search for local salons in your area. Your Google listing is a leading source for clients, and potential clients, to check your hours, find your address, get directions to your Cherry, make an appointment, and see positive reviews that can sway them to come to your salon over another.  You want to make sure your location and contact details are correct, your hours are up-to-date, holiday hours are noted, and your link to your website and booking tool is prominent on your listing. Be sure to ask your loyal and happy clients to leave reviews on Google! 5-star reviews are a powerful testament to the quality of service and will bring new clients to your Cherry Blow Dry Bar. Google posts are another way to update your page, show you are active, and give important information, specials, and news about your salon.  Sponsor a Charity Event. Nothing says a partner in the community like sponsoring a charity event. It’s a great way to give back to your community while helping your salon stand out to potential new clients. Every community is different, so look at your own and decide on an event that you’re comfortable with while allowing you to give back. If you can’t see an event that you think is a fit for you, make your own! In these hard times, teaming up with a local unemployment office or temp firm to offer free haircuts to those searching for employment can be very beneficial and will boost the confidence of those looking for a job.  Remember, if you ever have any questions, we are always here to help you make your franchise a success!

Cherry Blow Dry Bar Set to Open in Brandon, FL

Cherry Blow Dry Bar Set to Open in Brandon, FL Affordable Dry Bar chain brings Upscale Express Beauty to Brandon Cherry Blow Dry Bar , one of the fastest growing blow dry bar franchises in the country, is set to open its first location in Brandon, FL this summer. The new location will service the Brandon and the Tampa Bay areas. Cherry Blow Dry Bar offers their signature express services including blowouts and lash extensions through their affordable membership model. Their premium services include keratin treatments, hair extensions, haircuts and color – most recently launching the popular brow lamination and lash lift services. The new salon, located at located at 935 Bloomingdale Ave, Brandon, FL 33511  will offer a unique membership program starting as low as $39 for a monthly blowout to nearby residents.  Customers can pick and choose from Cherry Blow Dry Bar’s styling menu, which includes nine different hairstyles – from updos and beachy waves to braids and voluminous curls.  In addition to accommodating their loyal members, they also cater towards groups, bridal parties and even little ones.  “I am so excited to bring Cherry Blow Dry Bar to the Tampa market,” said Lisa Murray, owner of Cherry Blow Dry Bar in Brandon, FL. “Hillsborough County is one of the fastest growing areas. The new location is designed to meet the need for upscale styling services at affordable prices.” Cherry Blow Dry Bar’s team of highly trained, talented stylists work with all types of hair using the best tools and products in the industry.  Brands include Blowpro and Pureology hair care, HotHeads hair extensions, Bella Lash extensions, Keratin Complex repair and treatment systems and other popular lines. During its opening month, the Brandon Cherry Blow Dry Bar will be offering several limited time offers including $10 off any lash or brow service and $30 Blowouts. To stay up to date, follow along Brandon’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/brandonfl . For other local entrepreneurs in the Tampa- area looking to join the expanding franchise and open up their own salon, visit www.cherryblowdrybar.com/franchise/ for more information. About Cherry Blow Dry Bar Launched in 2013 and franchising since 2015, Cherry Blow Dry Bar is an expanding franchise that provides premium express services including hair blowouts, hair extensions, makeup services, lash extensions and treatments for a perfectly finished look, all at affordable prices through a unique membership model. Today, there are 16 Cherry Blow Dry Bar salons open and operating in five states, with 80 more in various stages of development. For more information, please visit www.cherryblowdrybar.com . SOURCE Cherry Blow Dry Bar