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We Tried It: Cherry Blow Dry Bar now open in St. Charles

By Samantha Stevenson

We Tried It: Cherry Blow Dry Bar now open in St. Charles

St. Louis Magazine article features Cherry Blow Dry Bar St. Charles salon location.

Officially open as of March 6, the salon provides blowouts, makeup services, and more.

It seems the Midwest is often late to the world's latest obsessions. As New Yorkers can't live without their Drybar, salons like it hadn't quite hit the St. Louis area, and not St. Charles. Lance Millican agrees. So when the opportunity arose, he and his wife Abby brought the first Cherry Blow Dry Bar, a salon franchise specializing in blowouts and memberships, to the Midwest—specifically nestled into the always-updating Streets of St. Charles, which also houses residential spaces, restaurants, and boutiques.



Cherry Blow Dry Bar (1650 Beale) provides blowouts, hair extensions, makeup services, treatments, and even scalp massages, with a membership model. 

The salon is spacious, fitted with cherry red chairs (of course) and a velvet paisley-print accent wall, and offers blowouts for any hair length starting at $35. Customers have the choice between nine different stylings. The salon's master hairstylist, Nidaa Abdeljabbar, says the most popular is the Beachy Keen(shown below), which, she says, creates an effortless look that's easy to keep up with after your visit. The curls are loose, wavy, and straight at the ends for a styled but tousled look. 


The salon's most popular styling look so far: The Beachy Keen

If you're looking to revitalize your hair a bit, the salon also provides services with lasting effects, like the Express Smoothing Treatment featuring Keratin Complex or VitalShot, Keratin Complex's protein treatment, which manager Shea Lee recommends getting once a month. "It helps penetrate protein in your hair and with breakage," she says.

The salon officially opened on March 6. Next, with spring fast approaching, the salon is anticipating a busy wedding and prom season. 

Cherry Blow Dry Bar is open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday–Saturday; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday. 


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