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Why 2022 Is The Year For Franchise Growth

By Admin

When it comes to franchising, starting can be nerve-wracking. You can be filled with a lot of what-if scenarios, worried about the cost, and overall how much of a customer base you will receive. But if you are starting your business this year, you can put away a lot of those anxieties and focus on expansion, rather than overthinking. 2022 is a great year for franchises, expansion, and overall business growth and we want to share with you why that is. 


Cosmetology Businesses are Never Out of Demand


The thing with beauty businesses like a Cherry Blow Dry Bar Franchise is that it is a recurring service. Make-up gets wiped off. Skin gets blemishes. Hairstyles get taken down, and people use at-home box dyes and need corrections. And considering the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people are more tired than ever, anxious, and in need of a break. A beauty business like Cherry Blow Dry Bar can offer that. Taking the time to go get their hair styled, dyed, or have their make-up done, can make a person feel much more relaxed than they did before, and that is a feeling they chase. Be kind, provide good customer service, and you have set in the groundwork for repeat customers. 


People Are Looking For Jobs- Employees Guaranteed


Whether you are looking for hairdressers, managers, janitors, or secretaries for your business, jobs are needed. People are looking for work where they can, and opening up a business gives them the opportunity to find one. You can also scout your area to see how any competing businesses treat their staff and to see if there is any demand for better work environments for people already in the business. Treating your employees with kindness and fairness is extremely important to keeping valuable members of your team, and young people are starting to understand more and more that their boundaries and mental health are more important than a job that does not treat them well. As a matter of fact, on top of this, franchise employment is expected to grow a little over three percent. So if you can offer a healthy workplace, not only will trained professionals from other businesses flock to you, the customers will follow. 


Marketing At The Push Of A Button


With the internet, advertising your business is easier than ever before. Expanding your business through appropriate advertising will absolutely help new businesses to grow, and that includes your new Cherry Blow Dry Bar Franchise. So you can advertise to your heart's content with content and paid ads. Algorithms know how to send these ads directly to the people most likely to pay attention to them as well. 


Economic Growth is In The Forecast


Statistics indicate that, while franchises are not growing as fast as they were in 2021, they are still growing at an exceptional rate. This indicates that after the events in 2020, people decided they wanted to take their lives into their own hands- and still are. Franchising offers a lot of benefits when starting a new business after all, and there are a lot of safeguards in place to keep those who invest from having to worry about the initial set-up. So it would make sense as to why a personal business would be so appealing, especially aft


Follow your dreams of being a business owner and full-time hair stylist with Cherry Blow Dry Bar. You can Contact Us if you are interested in speaking with one of our representatives. If you would like to see the minimum requirements we have for those looking to invest, you can go and visit our FAQ page as well.