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Top Tips for Social Media Marketing Success

By Admin

One way to boost the success of your business is through effective social media marketing. Social media use is continually increasing in every industry and is a great way to attract new customers and increase loyalty among current clients. Below are a few tips to tips to help ensure your social media marketing strategy is being used to its full potential.

Keep Posts Interesting and Engaging

When creating your social media posts, always keep your target audience in mind as well as your brand image. Post content like the how-to tutorials, hair, and beauty tips that would appeal to your clientele in a format this is short and easy to read. Post intriguing photos along with a simple question caption to make them interactive and keep your customers engaged. Short videos, infographics, and shortlists of beauty tips are sure to please.

Showcase Your Work

Photos increase engagement up to 120% more than text-only posts. Use this to your advantage by posting lots of photos to showcase your best work, with the customer’s permission of course. Be sure to make some of them before and after shots to highlight your stylist’s talents. Your current clients will then bring in new referrals by sharing your photos of them within their own personal networks. This is the new word of mouth advertising, and more engagement will increase your post’s reach.

Hashtags, Timing, and Frequency

The use of trending hashtags will draw more users to your page. You can also use hashtags to point out your location and grab the attention of more potential clients in your area. Take into consideration when your clients are most likely to check their social media and post at those times. Posting about trending hairstyles in the middle of the week at midday will be much less effective than posting in the early morning, evening, or weekends when your clients have time not only to see your posts but call to make an appointment while it’s still fresh in their minds. 

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