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Look At Some Of These Great Benefits To Being Your Own Boss

By Admin

Everyone dreams about being their own boss at some point or another- and when you purchase a franchise, that dream becomes reality! There’s this idea that if you purchase a franchise you aren’t in charge of yourself, and that is simply not true. The purpose of the franchise is to help you thrive, not hold you back. You are entirely your own boss when you get your franchise up and running, so here are some great benefits to being your own boss you’ll be able to have!

A Flexible Schedule

As the boss, you will be able to have a more flexible schedule. You set the time your business opens and closes when you come in when you leave, and who works while you are gone. You can have more or less time working with people, spend time behind a secretaries desk, stay in the back, clean up whatever you want to do or whatever needs to be done. Who wouldn’t love to have a schedule that is able to bend around a bit? This is especially beneficial if you have a family you want to spend more time with. 

You Get To Do What You Want To Do

We know you have a passion for beauty! And when you purchase a Cherry Blow Dry Bar franchise and are the one in charge of the whole thing, that means you get to do what you want to do. You won’t be stuck in a job you don’t like, wondering when you will be able to get out or when a new opportunity will come along. You will already be living your biggest dreams. 

Choose Who You Work With

Since it is your franchise and business you get to choose which applicants you want to work with or not. The people you hire should be competent, hard-working and click well with your personality. You have full control over the environment you work in, and there is no need to deal with a toxic one in your own business. 

There Is No One To Answer Too

You don’t have to worry about upsetting the boss, delivering bad news, or losing your job- you are the boss! All you need to worry about is keeping the business afloat. If you’re doing a good job as a stylist, shouldn’t be a big deal. 

Higher Potential For Earnings

You’re the boss. You own the franchise. Therefore it makes sense for a lot of the earnings to go to you. Of course, you must still pay your employees a fair wage, but you must also consider that when you are your own boss… there’s no cap. Nothing is holding you back from earning even more, just so long as the customers keep rolling in! Your income isn’t fixed in any way, which isn’t something you can say when you’re working for someone else. 

No Creative Limitations


Let your imagination run wild! When you own your own business there is nothing and no one holding you back from executing your creative ideas. You get to decide your own approach to business, with no one to tell you when or where to answer someone else. This is your business, and the sky's the limit. 

Cultivate Positive Work Environments

When you have a boss that cares, the work environment becomes friendly and positive… and with you as the boss, you can create the environment most positive for you! Everyone knows what it’s like to have a horrible boss, and when you are your own boss, you can avoid being that for yourself and for everyone else. Of course, when it comes to your employees you can’t be a pushover. But being appreciative of their work can go a long way. 

If you’re interested in starting your own salon and becoming your own boss then feel free to contact us. If you would like to see the minimum requirements we have for those looking to invest, you can go and visit our FAQ page as well.