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Discover the Advantages of Franchising

By admin

If you’ve contemplated opening you new business, you know that it’s not an easy decision to make. The research can be exhausting, the questions can be endless, and the unknown can be scary. There’s one quite appealing option to consider and that’s franchise ownership. 

Franchising is an appealing opportunity because it offers the chance to be your own boss without the significant risk and expense of starting a business from scratch. 

Although there is a significant monetary investment to opening a franchise, it can be cheaper than starting from the ground up.  Make sure to research, talk to peers and friends, speak to both business owners and franchise owners to learn firsthand the pros and cons to both. 

Before we get into the advantages of a franchise, exactly what is a franchise? A franchise is a legal and commercial relationship between the owner of the corporation (the franchisor) and the individual (the franchisee). The franchisee uses the business’ branding and business model. The franchisee is to sell products and services that are consistent with the franchisor. 

Here are the main advantages to franchising:

Explore a new industry. Buying a franchise allows you to work in an industry that may be fairly new to you. Although having a background in the beauty industry is an advantage, having a great business background and surrounding yourself with knowledgeable, skilled team members is key. At Cherry Blow Dry Bar, we offer extensive and thorough support and training to educate you on all aspects of the salon business including our business model. By partnering with our already established brand, you will be privy to experience, knowledge, and industry secrets giving you a solid foundation to start your franchise. 

Less risk. Franchises are a more secure investment than a business from the ground up because the franchise has the support and backing of an established corporation. Our Cherry business model has been tested in various markets across the US and has been proven to be effective. Banks are more prone to grant a franchise business loan over a loan to start an independent business based on the history of franchise success. 

Brand recognition and loyal customers built-in. One of the hardest things to starting a new business is bringing in new customers and building up a strong client base. The Cherry Blow Dry Bar brand is already in the marketplace and known for its great service and products. Investing in our brand gives you access to an established, loyal customer base and potential employee pool who want to work for a growing and trusted brand.

Mutual buying power. When you become part of the Cherry system, you will benefit from our established suppliers with better costs for our carefully chosen retail products we offer. This means that supplies will be less expensive, allowing you to allocate those funds to marketing and other avenues.  

Extensive Cherry Blow Dry Bar support. We offer our franchisees pre-opening assistance with operations such as site selection, design, construction, financing, training, and grand-opening. The best part is – it doesn’t stop there. (ADD:)The on-going support includes weekly calls with owners/managers, phone training, and additional training services are offered at corporate. Our Master Stylist Program is designed as on-site support for styling and new hire training to ensure your salon is a success. 

The concept of ‘the blowout’ is quickly growing to what has become a $40 billion a year global hair salon industry. There is no end in sight for the growth of this industry, and with a sound, proven business model and operational method in place, Cherry Blow Dry Bar offers you a way to get into an exploding industry without having to figure it out on your own.

Opening a business, even a franchise, is not an impulsive decision. Trust your instincts and what is the right choice for you and your goals. If you’re interested in seeing if a Cherry Blow Dry Bar franchise is right for you, Contact Us and a representative will be in touch. If you’d like to see the minimum requirements and have other questions answered before speaking with a representative, visit our FAQ page first