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Debunking False Claims About Starting Your Own Franchise

By Admin

When you start researching how and why to purchase your own franchise, you are going to find a lot of franchising myths, and information that is straight-up false. Do not let this scare you- because as stated before, it’s false. Here we want to show you some of the most common myths of franchise owning, and tell you why you should pay them no mind. 


There Is No Downtime With A Franchise


One of the great things about being a business owner is that you make your own hours. A new business with no predetermined customer base or known brand name could very well take up most of your time, but given that franchises are well-trusted and eye-catching, working yourself to the bone is much less necessary when you invest. The model built for your store is already predetermined, plus a Cherry Dry Bar Franchise includes experienced people who can help to advise and guide your business to success, which means a smaller workload for you. While you do have to put a fair amount of work and time into your new business, you can still expect to have ample downtime to recharge. Just make sure to hire reliable staff. 


Experience In Business Ownership Is Essential


While this can certainly help you along, you do not have to have experience in this field to actually own a successful franchise. Part of the reason franchising exists is to help people start up a business of their own even if the experience they have is limited. And your franchisor should also train you well in the art of business owners prior to your official opening. Therefore, when you go into franchising empty-handed, you come out more experienced than you did before. 

They’re Too Expensive To Consider

While it is true that a franchise can be pricey to invest in, this can also greatly depend on the franchise you are considering. The price can entirely depend on the franchise, and the industry you’re looking into. Cherry Blow Dry Bar is considered one of the more affordable cosmetology franchises you can get- and you can make your money back once you have established a frequent customer base. 


Franchisors Don’t Offer You Needed Support


This is absolutely untrue. The point of a franchise is for everyone involved to make as much money as possible, and this simply can not happen if you find yourself struggling. Cherry Blow Dry Bar is one franchise that fully believes in supporting our franchisees as much as possible. Because you are a franchisee, the franchisor wants to ensure that you do well, keep a good reputation, and keep recurring customers so that you both can make adequate income from your salon. With Cherry Blow Dry bar not only do we offer training, but we also help you hire the best staff, and mentor you the entire way. 


Only Well Known Names Succeed


The key to a thriving company is not in the name but in the management. Does a well-known name help? Yes, especially if that name is associated with good quality and decent service. But it is not the make or break of your franchise. With enough ambition, a little advertising, and showing your talents, you can make yourself well known in no time. 


Creativity Is Sapped With Franchises


There couldn’t be anything less true about franchises than this myth. You still have a ton of creative freedoms and liberties- you just have to look for them. While like most, Cherry Blow Dry Bar has a model we like for franchisees to follow, this model is flexible, and can be customized. You are still very much in charge of your salon- we are here to help maximize your success on top of your natural talents and ideas. 

If you have begun to consider a Cherry Blow Dry Bar franchise, make sure to contact us to have a representative be with you shortly.  We answer a lot of questions and list out our minimum requirements on our FAQ page as well, for easy access to important beginning information.