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Benefits of Investing in a Cherry Blow Dry Bar

By Admin

Have you always dreamed of starting your own business, being your own boss, and working at something that you’re truly passionate about? Now is the best time to start, and a franchise opportunity at Cherry Blow Dry Bar can be the perfect choice for you. But what are the benefits of franchising compared to starting your own business from scratch? Today, we’ll talk about those benefits, and how franchising can make your dreams come true.

Investment costs. With a startup, you’re completely on your own. You need to design a brand from the ground up, then make huge investments in marketing to try to bring customers in and build recognition for your brand. You need to hire employees that represent the brand you’ve imagined, and design and build your physical presence. This all takes time and a significant financial investment. The initial investment for a franchise is significantly less, because you buy into a business that’s already successful. Marketing costs are much lower because the brand has already built a trusted brand recognition, and it’s easier to get customers into the door to start making profits right away.

Better chance to succeed. Buying into an established business increases your chances of being successful. When you start up your own business, your products and services are untested in the market. A franchise is already a successful business model, and studies have shown that franchises have a higher rate of success than start-up businesses.

National presence. The parent companies of franchises typically do all the national marketing, while franchisees contribute a small share to the overall budget. Nationwide advertising is expensive, and something most startup companies can’t afford. But leveraging the power of a large group of franchisees means that your business can keep up a significant global presence, so your brand is more easily recognized when local customers look for a place to get services.

Best of both worlds. As a franchisee, you’re an independent business owner, but your business is supported by a large, established business with an existing, successful model.

Better financing options. Financial institutions look for stability when making investments in business loans for independent businesses. It’s difficult to prove stability with a new startup, because your business model is untested. However, a franchise is established and successful, so financial institutions have a model by which they can estimate the success of your business. In some cases, it’s easier to get business loans for a franchise than a new startup.

Experience levels. When you start your own business, you need a lot of experience in business – branding, inventory, legal matters, acquiring and serving customers, vendor relationships, and much more – but a franchise is already established, and the parent company can train you in everything you need to know to be successful.

We offer our franchisees pre-opening assistance with operations such as site selection, design, construction, financing, training, and grand-opening. The best part is – it doesn’t stop there. (ADD:)The on-going support includes weekly calls with owners/managers, phone training, and additional training services are offered at corporate. Our Master Stylist Program is designed as on-site support for styling and new hire training to ensure your salon is a success. 

Franchising is the perfect way to get started on your own business without the hassle and expense of a first-time startup business. To find out if a Cherry Blow Dry Bar franchise is right for you, Contact Us and one of our representatives will contact you for all the information you need. To see the minimum requirements and have other questions answered before speaking with a representative, visit our FAQ page.