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Advantages to a Franchise vs Independent Business

By Admin

If you’ve decided you want to open your own business but aren’t sure if you want to start a business from the ground up or start a franchise, the decision can be daunting. We’re sure you’ve heard pros and cons both ways. Here are some benefits to starting a Cherry Blow Dry Bar franchise rather than starting an independent business. 


Access to a reliable business model. While small business owners may want complete creative control, having certain confines with a franchise can be a positive. Within these confines, lives a reliable business model that can guide the franchise owners to success. Recent studies have shown that franchises over two years have an 8% higher success rate than independent businesses. 

Decisions based on experience. When market conditions fluctuate, independent business owners may quickly change their products and services. Sometimes, this may be a hasty decision and can result in a big mistake and loss of revenue. In the case of a Cherry franchise, our knowledgeable team of professionals makes those decisions and guides the franchisee to follow suit. Since we have years of experience and knowledge, you can be assured the products and methods we’re using have been tested for success. 


An overabundance of resources available. Besides getting tried-and-true franchise methods, the franchisee is also privy to an abundance of data and resources from the Cherry Blow Dry Bar franchise. We offer a team of experts to ensure you are backed by a successful business model, corporate support, and bulk purchasing power.


Proven brand recognition. It can take months, if not years, to gain traction with a new brand. Having the established Cherry brand with a built-in customer base at your fingertips is a clear advantage over starting new. 


Lower startup and operational costs. As a Cherry franchisee, you will have a lower up-front investment and startup phase than if you were to be an independent business owner. You can use that saved money for expenses, marketing, and other costs associated with running a successful business. 

All this support, reliability, and recognizability that the Cherry Blow Dry Bar name brings to your business will enable you to succeed at a faster pace than that of an independent business owner. 


When you open a Cherry Blow Dry Bar franchise, you are joining a family of experts who are with you through the whole process and equip you with the knowledge and tools to make your Cherry a success. If you’re interested in seeing if a Cherry Blow Dry Bar franchise is right for you, Contact Us and a representative will be in touch. If you’d like to see the minimum requirements and have other questions answered before speaking with a representative, visit our FAQ page first.