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Try Out One Of These Cute Hairstyles For A Casual Outing

By Admin

When you are going out with friends and don’t want to have to put a ton of time into your hair, you can still leave home with gorgeous, low-effort hair. Hair styling doesn’t have to take a ton of time- and we can prove that here. These are just a few of the best hairstyles you can go for when you want quick, easy, and beautiful hairstyles for any occasion. 

Cute Dutch Braids

When you just want a quick casual look then dutch braids have your back. With these, you can just throw your hair easily into a couple of cute, loose braids that will serve you the whole day. Dutch braids can give your hair the appearance of volume, and when done in pigtails they create an adorable look for anyone while keeping your hair out of your way. You’ll be able to take on whatever the day has to throw at you without having to get your hair in your face. 

Twin Space Buns

Everyone loves space buns- and for good reason! They’re pretty, cute, and easy to do. You can get these up in under five minutes when you know how to do them. It may be just a couple of buns atop the head, but they are one of the most popular easy styles around!

Short Bobs and Pixies

If you are always looking for more time to style your hair, maybe what you need is a low-management cut. PIxies and bobs are shorter haircuts, so therefore, they will take less time and effort to care for, manage, and style. You can even leave them unstyled, and they’ll still look quite lovely. 

Try Out Bubble Braids!

Bubble braids are an old style that’s come back in recent years that you can do yourself in a short amount of time. Since they both look good and are super quick to do, you can count on this style when you’re looking to get out the door. Just section out your hair evenly with elastics, and give each section a little volume to it. No need to even weave the hair- that’s how easy a bubble braid is. You can even use different colored elastics if you want. 

Combining Braids And Buns

Braids and buns are both classic looks that you can combine with a low amount of effort and with very little time. You can dutch or french braid your hair, down the scalp and end the hair in a bun at the nape of your neck. Or you can braid your hair and pin it up into a braided bun. You could even wrap a braid around a simple bun if you want- but one thing is for sure. Combining buns and braids really helps to stylize a look. 

Accessorize Curls With Scarves

There is a benefit to scarves that is more than just adding style and flair to your hairstyle. With colder weather, you have to be careful with your hair. When you find yourself in a colder climate your hair is subject to the harsh chill and dry air, which can cause dehydration and breakage. When you have curls, this is just all the more risk for hair already prone to brittleness and dryness. So you can be stylish and protect your hair when you use scarves. Bright colors, beautiful patterns, and even fancy knots can give you an amazing look and keep your hair safe and happy.

Hair-Tied Ponytails

You can give your hair the illusion of being secured by the hair itself with a simple trick. Put your hair into a low ponytail, add in texture with teasing or texturizing spray, and isolate a small strand of hair that you can wrap around the start of the pony and pin it to hide the elastic. This look might be simple and the change might be minimal, but it shows the effort put into your hairstyle while still taking little time at all. 

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