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Try One Of These Gorgeous Hair Colors To Kickstart The Spring Season

By Admin

If you want to try out a new hair color, now is the time. Spring is coming in fast, and we all know that with the new life Spring brings, comes positive change. One of these changes can easily be coming in for a cut and color that will give you your dream hair. We would love nothing more than to help make sure that you have a look that you can love, so when you come in, let us know what you want and we will deliver! Here are some of the best colors and trends we have found for this spring- but there is no real rule. Go wild!

Peach Skin Blonde

Adding warm orange and peachy tones to blonde is a beautiful way to add some springtime flare to your hair without having to go crazy. Blonde hair is stunning on its own, but an extra pop of color will add a unique flare to it that will let you stand out.

Cool Toned Black

If you want to go for something more natural, be it for a professional look or just your personal preference, this is the look to go for. Cool black will soften the sharper jet-black shades popular in winter, and allow you to keep your long-loved black hair color. The great thing about black is that it goes with everything too, so you don’t have to worry about what this hair color will match when it comes to clothes and accessories. 

The Face Framing Money Piece

For something that will bring attention to your face, you can go for a gorgeous money piece. Money pieces do not always have to be blonde, but these special highlights do a great job of making your face stand out. Adding in babylights strewn through the rest of your hair can blend it out gorgeously too. 

Honey Blonde Balayage

For a multidimensional look with your darker hair, you can try using honey blonde to give it that extra something it needs. It’s a gorgeous shade of bright but warm blonde that you can count on to give you the flare you’re looking for!

Snow White Blonde

If you love pure white, then this is the year for you. Unlike platinum, this color has no sign of silver. But not to worry! There is still plenty of stunning sheens and shine with a snowy white shade. Enter the spring with a fresh head of white- and you can even incorporate an ombre of any of these other gorgeous colors with a lighter shade like this. 

Blonde Sandstone Hair

For a neutral blonde tone you can love without getting something too cool or too warm, you will love sandstone blonde. You’ll get hints of both depending on the lighting you’re in, so this is great for neutral and natural. Add in some curls for dimension and fun!

Cool Mushroom Brown

For a great brunette color with soft cool tones, you can opt for mushroom brown. This soft, slightly muted brown color will absolutely be the way to go this spring for an earthy, fresh look. You can even splash in a hint of lighter highlights to really make that brown color stand out. 

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