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Trending Haircuts and Haircare Tips

By admin

With all the New Year’s resolutions you’ve tried – and failed at – in past years, why not make some realistic resolutions that are more attainable? We’re talking about a new hairstyle and goals for keeping your hair healthy, shiny, and manageable in 2022 with the perfect hair care routine.

Bixie Cute. This is a perfect union of the classic bob meeting the pixie. With a pixie length and a little extra on top like a bob, it’ll add volume and shape to your short hair. This is a fab style for either straight or curly hair! Yes, it’s a throwback to the 90s but you’ll see that a lot of trending styles to kick off 2022 will be reminiscent of the 90s.

Mid-Length Sliced Bob. This take on the classic bob with sharply defined edges at mid-length is another one of those styles from the 90s. Its heavy lines give this style some weight to ensure that it keeps its shape. You can wear it natural or sleek and straight, parted in the middle, or flipped to a side part – the options of yours to personalize this hairstyle to your personality.

Heavy Layered Style. There are so many reruns and trending items from the sitcom Friends that you don’t have to be that old to know what we’re talking about when we say ‘The Rachel’ is hot this season. Face-framing layers and a versatile cut make this a new favorite again. You choose the length and style with a dryer and round brush for great volume. In fact, visit your local Cherry and ask for a blowout in this style!

Shoulder-Length Shag. We’ve been seeing a lot of the shag this past year, and while it looks great at any length, we’ll be seeing more of a shoulder-length shag in the upcoming year. This cut is truly defined by its many layers and whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, this cut is easy maintenance, looks tidy and chic, and is truly customizable with bangs or without.

In order to keep your hair healthy and manageable all year long, be sure to make sure you have a good haircare routine in place. Here are just a few tips for making sure your hair continues to look its best in-between hair appointments:

  • Use products applicable to the season. In the winter you will want to use moisturizing hair care products to keep your hair hydrated whereas in the summer you’ll want to use lightweight cleansing products to not weigh down your hair but allow for light, airy volume. 
  • Use a once a week deep conditioning hair mask like Pureology Hydrate Superfood Treatment for extra nourishment and frizz-free smooth hair.  
  • Keep up with regular trims for fewer split ends and indulge in an Instant Therapy Hair Mask to keep your hair softer, touchable, and shiny. 
  • Eat a well-balanced diet with healthy snacks and drink plenty of water daily to keep your body nourished with the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep your hair, skin, and body strong and nourished. Your diet will affect the health of your hair. 

Start off your New Year with a new hairstyle and learn how a strong haircare routine can keep your hair manageable and healthy all year long. All of our services are available at selective Cherry’s, so check your local listings to see which Cherry Blow Dry Bar is right for you. Contact Us today to schedule your session at a location near you. You can also download our mobile app for free at iTunes or Google Play.