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The Best Fall Wedding Trends To Blow Everyone Away

By Admin

Whether you are looking for hair inspiration or a hot makeup look, you should know all the current trends this year for fall weddings. Utilizing trends can inspire creativity, keeping your wedding look trendy to the year while giving you space to throw your own spoon on it all. If you are interested in getting a great wedding look, then you should stick around and listen as we list off some of the best fashion trends we have found for you!


Full, Luscious Brows


Eyebrows are where it is today in makeup. Making sure your brows are full and noticeable can really help catch all your expressions in photographs on your wedding day. Eyebrows are, after all, a big point in the communication of emotion. 


Athenian Bun


If you want a wonderful mythical look then you should try going for a bun that will have you looking like a goddess! It is an intricate, and creative updo that will be memorable for yours to come. You can even add in some accessories if you want to make it particularly unique.


Lovely Pink Lips


Pink is a great shade to use on the day you wed. Going for subtle but lovely shades or a bright bold look can be just the thing to set you apart. Lipgloss is also making a comeback, so you may even go over it with a thin layer of shiny gloss to make sure that you look absolutely extraordinary. 


Mermaid Fishtails


Fishtail braids are a great wedding trend, especially when going for a half up half down look. There is no better way to look and feel like a mermaid than utilizing a hairstyle that looks exactly like their tail after all! Add some sparkle and shine to your hair to really give it some flair. 


Decorated Floral Braids


If you like braids and floral things, then this is the look for you. Treat yourself like a princess with gorgeous, intricate braids dressed to the nines in your favorite flowers. 


Minimal Makeup


If you prefer the more simple styles, that do not require as much time in the chair, but are just as stunning as any other, then you should try for a breathtaking minimal look. Minimal makeup is perfect for someone who wants to look nice but isn’t quite a makeup fanatic. Just add a few touch-ups, add some mascara, and a little color, and you will be good to go!


Subtle Shimmering Pink Highlights 


If you like pink, then how about a shimmery pink sheen to glaze across your cheek on this special day? No better way to look like a beautiful blushing bride than with a light dusting of pink highlight placed upon your cheeks. 


Hair and Flower Crowns


Do you want a tiara, but can’t quite afford the expense? This is the next best thing. Your hair can be braided with ease to resemble a crown on your head. This gives you a beautiful, inexpensive princess look to rock on your wedding day. You can even use a flower crown as well or decorate your braided look with flowers woven through the hair. 


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