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The Benefits to a Cherry Blowout

By Admin

If you’ve heard that a blowout is just a hair blow drying session with some curls tossed in, you’ve heard wrong. Did you know there is a difference between a blow dry, and a blowout? That’s right! Cherry blowouts are different from your regular quick drying session after your haircut or color, and we’re here to tell you all about it.

360 View: Your Cherry stylist will use our signature sectioning techniques so they are able to give all of your strands equal attention, and provide the right amount of lift to create the perfect shape for your blowout!

Equal heat for equal style. When someone else does your hair, each strand is exposed to just the right amount of heat. The distribution of heat is key for healthy styling. Because your Cherry stylist can control the distance the hairdryer is from your hair, all sections of your hair are dried equally with no singeing or burning.

Stylists know how to manipulate your hair. Your Cherry stylist is performing blowouts all day long, and they are experts in knowing how much tension and pressure to apply with their round brush, to manipulate each section and smoothly transform hair into your perfectly finished look.

Blowouts last for days. You may be wondering how this is healthy for your hair? Blowouts are made to last – they provide lift to keep oils from weighing down your strands so quickly. Less daily styling means less heat to your hair so your hair stays healthier, softer, and with less split ends in the long run.

We only use the best hair care. We use professional products that are sulfate, paraben, and sodium chloride free to keep your hair healthy and prevent stripping of hair color or treatments. We also offer an excellent dry shampoo that can be used in between blowouts that is less harsh on hair follicles. Make sure you grab a dry shampoo from Cherry’s retail area to keep your blowout lasting longer and looking fresh in between washes!

Did you know there are mental health benefits to your blowout service? Let us explain:

A great way to relieve stress. Our stylists provide a comforting, therapeutic scalp massage with each shampoo session. Investing in some stress relieving time for yourself is important to your overall health. Don’t forget to add on a 10-minute scalp massage for some extra TLC!

A blowout can leave you feeling your best. When you feel pretty, you feel better all around! A blowout is a great way to increase your self-esteem and build confidence, because as we all know, when you look good, you feel good! Many women get routine blowouts for this reason, or even just for a special date, a work presentation or an interview.

Women are social butterflies. Sure, if we “have to”, we can do our own hair. But part of what’s alluring with a blowout, besides the health benefits, is the social aspect you get with a salon experience. Often times we come into a salon feeling mediocre or less than ourselves, but when we leave, we have a whole new positive vibe and perspective on things.

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