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The 9 Prettiest Makeup Trends To Compliment Autumn

By Admin

With Autumn here, come new trends. While sometimes trends play over and over throughout the year, there are also a ton of wonderful new trends season by season. Here, we want to give you an idea about what trends are still in, and what new ones are coming out to shine! You can come to get your makeup done with Cherry Blow Dry Bar as soon as you have chosen your desired look, and we will be sure to give you the best service possible. So here are a few stunning, booming trends that you simply have to try before winter comes around. 


The “Almost Nothing There” Look


More natural looks are becoming incredibly popular among those who adore fashion and trends, and it is a fantastic way to stay trendy with minimal effort. A little foundation, some mascara, and a simple lip look may be all you need to keep up to date with current makeup trends. So there is no need to stress if you do not feel like having a full face someday. 


Full, Low-Maintenance Brows


While a well-groomed look is nice, this season we have all decided to let our hair down and let them grow. To emphasize the full, wild look of the brow, you can use eyebrow makeup to add some extra bulk and body to your brows. This is great news for everyone who may find tending their brows tedious, but want to maintain a presentable, groomed look. 


Colorful Graphic Eyeliner


When you go to grab your liner, go for something colorful and try out something different. Graphic liner is a great way to spice up your normal look with some color and pizazz. This is a look you can get creative with, so let your imagination run wild as you create an eccentric look that is uniquely you!


Misty Dewed Skin


Dewey skin continues to be a popular trend amongst makeup fiends everywhere. It is a simplistic and beautiful look that looks elegant and effortless- but really a lot of effort goes into it. Use this look in fall photoshoots for picture-perfect skin and amazing results. 


Dark Deep Blush


Using shades of pinkish orange and scarlet is just the thing to make your cheeks pop in Autumn this year. Applying a heavy blush can create a bright and bold pop of color to compliment the rest of your look and outfit. Pair this with some shimmer and shine by using a light highlighter to really make the look pop. 


Full Thick Lashes


Eyelashes that are full and thick, fluttery and flirty, are definitely topping the charts for fall. We are looking to see these beautiful lashes everywhere during the fall season this year. 



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