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The 6 Most Popular Styles in Braids This Year

By Admin

If you’re looking for a beautiful braided hairstyle, you may want to know what gorgeous styles there are to choose from. The braid is a very old, but very versatile hairstyle that won’t be going away, and we at Cherry Blow Dry Bar not only have some beautiful suggestions, but we also offer top-of-the-line service and styling for anyone looking to get their hair styled professionally.


French Braid


French braids may be basic, but they’re basic for a reason. They’re easy, stylish, and get the job done. They are versatile as well, a perfect hairstyle for any occasion, and able to be done in pigtails, as a single braid, or included in updos. 


Dutch Braid


Though similar to the french braid, the dutch braid is something slightly different, with a more voluminous look due to a slight difference in technique This difference, braiding underhanded instead of over, is the key to getting a gorgeous dutch braid 


Bold On-The-Side Braids


Side braids styled on the side of your head are a more bold braid and one that gets your hair out of your face. This can give you a cool, edgier look that mimics an undercut without actually cutting your hair. This can also be incorporated into ponytails or buns. 


Waterfall Braids


This unique braiding style got its name by creating a braid that looks like it is cascading like a waterfall. It’ll be braided sort of like a crown around your head, but you will still be able to show your lovely long locks because it doesn’t braid all of the hair. It just uses that top section to create that waterfall effect. 


Snake Braid


This one is a little bit less well-known than the other ones listed here- a snake braid is a braid that does, as the name suggests, somewhat resemble a snake. This braid can be achieved through classic three plait methods, but there’s a special trick to get that slithery pattern. Holding firmly onto one of the strands, you push the other two back up slightly, and you get a beautiful and unique braid pattern to show off at your next event. 


Fancy Braided Updos


Braids in updos will always be something you can count on being in style. You can do braided buns, or include them in a knot for an extra fancy style. You could even use french braiding techniques to get a more ornate type of braided updo.


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