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Spice Up Your Hair Color this Fall with Highlights

By Admin

If you’re feeling like you need a change and want to explore some hair color techniques for highlighting your hair this fall, Cherry Blow Dry Bar can transform your look using REDKEN® hair color products. Your Cherry stylists can help you determine which highlighting options are best for the look you want.

With so many hair coloring techniques out there, it can be difficult figuring which will achieve the look you want. Here are the latest trends in highlighting and hair color to help you choose the one that is right for you. 

Balayage. The name of this style comes from a French word that means “sweeping”, which is how this style is done. The color is applied with sweeping motions, much like hand-painting, from the roots to the tip of your hair. The result is a gorgeous look that seamlessly melts the colors from dark roots to lighter tips. Although this look is known for its sun-kissed look, you can choose colors that complement your skin tone while pulling in the trending colors for fall. Whether you want natural-looking highlights or shades that are considerably lighter than your natural base, the balayage technique helps your roots blend in as your hair grows out for easy to little maintenance. 

Ombre. It’s easy to get this technique confused with the balayage since they both offer gradient color results. You may not know this but ombre is a style of balayage. The difference between the two looks is the placement of color. With ombre, color is added to the hair in horizontal layers from the root to the tip. Imagine stunning bands of color blending into one another as they fade from dark to light. This option is perfect for reflecting your personality by using subtle natural tones or bright fantasy colors. Want lighter roots with darker tips? Ask your Cherry stylist about the reverse ombre!

Money Piece. This is a balayage technique that’s a similar look to chunky highlights. Focusing on the strands surrounding your face, it’s used to brighten your face in a natural, subtle way without the high contrast. The lighter shades will appear to hug your face, blending your highlights into your natural hair color to the strands around your face. 

Foils. You may be familiar with foils since this technique has been around forever. Your stylist will section your hair and work one section at a time coating the strands with color and then wrapping it in foil. It’s wrapped in foil to hold the intensity of the highlighting color in each section. Since this is a high-contrast highlighting technique, it creates a lot of depth and dimension to your hair with pops of color. 

Teasy Lights. This is a fairly new highlighting trend we saw a lot of this summer. It’s a combination of foils with the hand-painting of balayage to add its unique look. Your Cherry stylist will divide the hair into sections and tease each section before painting the color from root to tip. Each section is then wrapped in foil to capture the intensity and contrast of foils while achieving the gradient look of the balayage. It’s great for those that have a darker base and want to lighten their look without a lot of maintenance. 

There are just a few of the highlighting options available to spice up your hair this fall. If you prefer the all-over color of single-process or the high intensity of a color gloss, we can do those too! The choice is yours when it comes to your hair color options. 

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