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Look At These Cool Modern Trends With Extensions in 2023

By Admin

Extensions are a great way to express yourself with hair in ways you may otherwise not be able to, or not be comfortable with. Using extensions, you can quickly make your hair longer, and thicker, and even get cool hair colors if you do not want to dye your natural hair. Cherry Blow Dry Bar offers only some of the best services with extensions around, with undetectable tape-in extensions made purely from virgin Remy hair. These hair extensions can last upwards of eight weeks, and we are sure you would absolutely adore them. So we want to encourage you to try out hair extensions this year by showing off some of the hottest trends of 2023!

A Straight And Sleek Hair Style 

If you like hair that is to the point, no-nonsense and sophisticated then you should absolutely aim for this look. Straight, sleek shiny hair is neat, stylish, simple, and beautiful- so you are absolutely sure to adore it. With the added length you will really be able to show off the style you love. 

Ombre Hair Colors

Do you prefer not to risk your natural hair with the chemicals and bleaching that come with dying your hair? Do you prefer to not have to deal with the upkeep and maintenance that color on your natural hair requires? You are a perfect candidate for extensions. Ombre hair colors will always be trendy, and you can pair them with whatever colors are popular for some extra fun. Around this time of year, jeweled colors like deep emerald green, ruby red and even sapphire blue are the popular items on the list. These would make for a stunning and bold ombre. 

Beach Waves

Who doesn't love beach waves? The easy, curly look is popular among many people and has been for a very long time. Particularly popular among blondes, beach waves show no sign of going anywhere anytime soon- and you can get thicker, longer waves when you use extensions! This fun, playful trend will allow you to have as much fun on the beach as you like, and you can go back to having short hair anytime you want just by having the extensions removed- we know how blistering the summer heat can get, after all. 

Follow The Trends With Bangs

Did you know that there are some extensions that primarily focus on giving you bangs? If you want bangs, but are too impatient to grow them out or too nervous to cut them, extensions can help. If you want curtain bangs, blunt cut, bottleneck, side swept, or anything else trending recently, then you should look into using extensions for a new set of beautiful bangs. 

Now, if you have tried cutting bangs yourself, and it did not go quite the way you planned, you can also use extensions to hide the cut. The hair from extensions can blend in with the natural, unkempt haircut to make any mess-ups practically invisible if they are done right. 

Layered Hair Styles

Layered hair is picking up popularity this year, and it is a little difficult to achieve layers if your hair is too short to have them. So extensions are your answer! You can have some gorgeous layers when you add extensions to your look and get stunning hair that frames your face in all the right ways. 

Super Long Curls

Did you know you can do perms on extensions? Well, you can! 2023 is calling for long curly hair to be a very appealing trend, and for people whose hair grows slowly, that may just be impossible to accomplish without the help of extensions. You can achieve this look with extensions and a perm quite easily. 

Trust your local Cherry Blow Dry Bar to give you the long, luscious, trendy hair you love. You can keep up with us online if you wish and download our app for free from iTunes or Google Play. We hope to help you achieve your dream look when you walk through our doors!