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Let's Look At These Amazing Makeup Looks We Are Loving In 2023!

By Admin

If you are looking for the best makeup trends of 2023, you should look no further than Cherry Blow Dry Bar! We are all about keeping up to date with only the best and most recent trends around, so this is a list of just a few of our favorite trends of the season that you can try yourself. These 8 stylish looks will blow you away!

Y2K Looks Are Back!

Shimmery sheens, glitter galore, and all kinds of colors are coming the way in 2023. Pastel eyeshadow colors and dramatic, abstract techniques and patterns are encouraged. Try out ombre lip colors, lip glosses, glittery eyes, and a bold blush to start your 2023 Y2K look!

Treat Your Brows!

There are a couple of different things you can do with your brows in 2023. Bleached brows, laminated shiny brows, natural brow shapes, straight brows, and even glitter brows are all look you can count on throughout the year! There are tons of trends happening with brows right now so just experiment and find what suits you the best! 

Laminating your brows, if you have yet to hear of this new technique, is a procedure that smooths your brows and creates extra shine through a chemical process similar to a perm.

Mythical Siren Liner

The siren eyes trend is based on a smudging winged liner with the inner corner of your eye lined too. You can get a sharp winged look with a slightly smokey look, and a wider, expressive eye with just a little liner. 

Nude Face

The no-makeup look has been steadily growing in popularity over time- and we love seeing it! Making moves towards accepting our natural beauty is a massive step forward- after all, makeup is a form of self-expression, and you should never feel like you need it to be comfortable in your skin. It should be an accessory, and a tool to help build your confidence and express your sense of style! Minimal makeup with lightweight foundations makes the perfect no-makeup makeup look. 

Bright Pastel Colors

For a great colorful look that will make everything else pop, you can use pastels. Bright shadow and loud, color-filled makeup looks are just what the season has called for. We want to see flowery lilacs, tulip pink, sky blue, and peachy pastels are all great ways to get a bit of extra color into your style. As long as the color screams ‘Spring’ you will find it to be a win.

Brightly Colored Lashes

From mascara to false lashes, you can opt for color with assurance. Bright colors like green and blue, purple and pink are bold and create a splash of big color on long, fluttery lashes. If you make them longer, the better they will be. 

Striking Red Lipstick

For something gorgeous, colorful, and classic, you can never go wrong with a red lip. Red lipstick is something that can look great on anyone, and that everyone can love. It’s had some popularity with celebrities recently which you know will always bring something back to the attention of the public and create the season’s trends. 

Deep Bright Blush!

We love bright blush! Having a well-blended deep rosy hue is perfect to match the bolder, more color styles of makeup that 2023 is bringing to the table. We love colorful blush, and we love it to be intense. And if you want a more natural blush for the minimal makeup look, you can try a cream blush to give a more subtle approach to the style. 

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