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Keep Your Hair Safe From The Chill With These Simple Steps

By Admin

If you are experiencing bad hair days lately and are getting the wintertime blues as a result, then you probably need a bit of help in maintaining your hair health when the cold weather hits. Whether it is through hair cuts, hair masks, or anything in between, having a little help in keeping your hair happy and looking its best is never a bad thing. And if you are struggling, there are a few tiny changes you can make to your wintertime routine to ensure that you are getting the most out of your hair. 


Embracing Trims 


A trim is just what it sounds like. It is not a full haircut - but rather, an essential part of keeping your hair healthy any time of the year. Trims prevent split ends from getting deep, and remove brittle, breaking hair from the ends to encourage growth. Evening out your hair can also help give you a cleaner, mature look, on top of taking away the pre-existing damages that might make your hair dull otherwise.


Scarves, Hoods, Hats, and Head Wraps


If there were any season for head coverings, it is winter. Hair is vulnerable to the chilly winter air. It strips it of its moisture and creates lifeless, breaking strands that no one is going to be happy with. The only exception to this is people who live in areas that simply do not get cold. So the answer is to prevent your hair from the air and wind altogether with the help of a covering. Whether it is the hood of a hoodie, a baseball cap, a beanie, or even a bandana- keeping it covered can really help to reduce the amount of damage harsh climates can inflict.


Protective Styling


The idea behind this is very similar to that of the head coverings, and in fact, can be paired with it in the right style. Reducing the amount of space your hair takes up, means reducing the amount of exposure to the air- so even a simple ponytail would be better than leaving it down. Putting your hair in buns, or braiding it especially, helps to keep your hair from being exposed as much as it would be otherwise. So even if you do not have a hat or scarf, there is still a way you can keep your hair just a little bit safer. 


Keep It Hydrated and Moisturized!


This is where we tell you- it is important to drink water! You hear it all the time, but that is only because it is true. Water, proper products, and proper application can help make sure that your hair is sleek and shiny even in the drabbest weather. Deep conditioning, hot oil treatments, leave-in conditioners, and hydrating shampoos all play a part in keeping hair lively. 


Have A Wash Schedule


Surely you have heard it be said before- washing your hair every day is not always the most healthy thing you can do for your hair. And some may argue that, despite how the oils may be stripped from the hair with shampooing, that is what conditioners and hair oils exist to combat. However, the problem with this is that the oils from your scalp are naturally designed to be good for keeping your hair healthy. There is nothing wrong with preserving an effective and free method of keeping your hair hydrated- so creating a wash schedule that is best for your hair, and avoiding washing your hair every day, can promote good hair days all through winter. You can use dry shampoo to combat oily-looking hair, and on days you don’t use shampoo you can try washing with conditioner instead- it is more effective than you may think.


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