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Keep Hair Hydrated This Winter

By Admin

Winter, whether you prefer to spend it curled up in front of a cozy fire or out exploring the snowy wonderland, is no friend to your hair. You might already be feeling all the debilitating effects the winter weather can have on your tresses. The dry hair zaps hair of moisture, leaving it brittle and prone to damage. 

When you come into your local Cherry, make sure to indulge in our most popular add-on service, the Instant Therapy Hair Mask by Pureology. It’s a quick, mini treatment that literally takes 5 minutes, but leaves your hair smoother, softer, and shinier than your everyday conditioner at home. 

This season makes sure you and locks are ready for sweater weather with a few helpful tricks to keep hair hydrated all winter long.

  1. Showers can be your biggest enemy when it comes to protecting hair against the cold. Makes sure to limit your time under the hot water, but use a dry shampoo between washing to maintain hair between washes. 
  2. Turn down the heat. Luckily, winter is the perfect time to minimize heat styling by opting for a dry style to achieve curls or waves with less heat by skipping the dryer.
  3. Don’t skip hair appointments. There’s no better time than the colder months to keep with haircuts and treatments. Visiting your stylist protects hair and enriches hair with moisture to stay vibrant no matter what winter has in store. 
  4. Pack in moisture with masks and deep conditioning. Certain products zero in on dry, fragile hair and penetrate deep into strands to fortify it. The oils and creams often found in these products and a little extra to beat back the damage winter brings. 
  5. Healthy hair starts on the inside. How can your locks stay hydrated if you aren’t? Be sure that you drink lots of water and your hair will thank you! 

Don’t let the winter cold get the better of your hair. At Cherry Blow Dry Bar, we have all the services you need to keep hair hydrated and healthy through winter. Be sure to add an Emi Jay accessories to top it off! Contact Us today to get your next event booked. You can also download our mobile app for free at iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.