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Indulge in a Keratin Treatment this Summer

By admin

Summer is here. For some of us it’s a mild summer, yet and for others, it’s hot already! What we all have in common is frizz! Heat and humidity are great things for outdoor, fun-in-the-sun activities ... not so much for our hair. The good news is that you don’t have to just “live with it.” At Cherry Blow Dry Bar, we offer keratin treatments that tames the frizz, softens, straightens, and adds shine to your hair.

What is keratin? You may have heard of it but aren’t sure exactly what it is. Keratin is a protein that improves the structure of your hair strands, leaving them strong and healthy. Our keratin treatments, combined with straighteners, enriches the protein in your hair to produce silky, shiny, and straight hair for up to five months.

Why choose keratin? Keratin fills in damaged pores to get right to the root of the problem. No matter where you live, in the summer you can experience a lot of things that dry out your hair causing damage and frizz. Dryness, humidity, high UV rays, salt water, chemicals from the pool – it all can cause tangles, breakage, and that dreaded frizz.

Your morning routine gets easier with keratin treatments. No longer do you have to punish your hair with the heat of a straight iron. As well, blow-drying time is lessened since it takes less time to dry keratin infused hair. Less heat of styling tools means you will enjoy healthier hair.

Not all keratin treatments are the same. When you visit Cherry Blow Dry Bar, our stylists are experts in the art of keratin treatments and we use only the highest quality products on your hair.

Visit our professionals at Cherry Blow Dry Bar to find out if a keratin treatment is for you.  Book an appointment at any of our locations using our online system. You can also download our mobile app for free at iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.