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How to Prevent Damage To Your Hair With Some Simple Tips

By Admin

If you find yourself struggling with monitoring hair damage, we understand how difficult that can be. Keeping up with hair health and ensuring that your hair stays lively can be a hassle. This is why we at Cherry Blow Dry Bar want to help! We have just a few tips here, as well as some amazing services, that can help prevent and reduce the amount of damage your hair faces in day-to-day life. 


Take Cold-Weather Precautions


When the cold weather comes around, your hair is subject to a harsher environment than what it has become used to. Cold, dry air can cause dehydration to your hair and create dryness and breakage, so taking precautions to protect it during the cold weather is essential. Adding moisture back into the air with diffusers can help, and using protective headgear like hats and scarves can be a stylish way to brave the elements. Braiding and styling your hair so that it has the least amount of wear and tear through the cold season can also be beneficial, so make sure to keep up with the temperatures and protect your hair well. 


The Wonders Of Hydration


This is true in multiple ways. One, drinking enough water is important for hair health. If you are dehydrated, then your hair is most certainly dehydrated. You must also remember that you want to add supplemental moisture for your hair to thrive, especially if you struggle with dry hair, to begin with. Hair treatments, masks, leave-in conditioners, and hydrating shampoos can all help to add extra hydration in addition to your normal conditioner. 


Silky Smooth Products Reduce Tearing


If your hair is especially delicate, it may be time to start looking at some other factors. Did you know that cotton can be rough on your hair? Pillowcases, sheets, scrunchies, and even scarves made of cotton cause friction, and with friction can come damage. Switching yourself over to satin or silk pillowcases, or even just a bonnet, can help reduce the friction considering these materials have much more slip. 


Watch How Often You Wash


When you wash your hair too often, it causes a strip in the natural oils of your hair. Now, washing your hair when you have sweated, gone swimming, or gotten dirty is much better than leaving it unwashed, but on days that you have not done a lot of physical activity, you might consider skipping the wash for a day. Adding in extra moisture on the days you have to wash multiple times can help, but washing your hair every other day is much more ideal. This is because not only is it healthier for your hair, but it is cheaper on your wallet as well. 


Monitor Heated Styling and Hot Water


Heat, especially heated styling tools, can be incredibly harsh- especially if you do not know how to use it right. Using heated tools on wet hair is especially risky- if you hear your hair sizzle when the tool makes contact, you do not want to use it yet. This being said, there are ways to safely use heated styling tools! Using heat-protecting products and regulating how often you use heat can make it perfectly safe for your hair. The big concern with heat is overexposing yourself to it. We all know how amazing a hot shower can be, but your hair may beg to differ. If steaming showers are a must, you may consider putting your hair up beforehand and washing it separately, and avoiding the heat.


Trims Are Your Best Friend


Even if you are a girl who likes to keep your hair long, trims are absolutely necessary. Your hair will grow longer and healthier with a trim once every few weeks to take away any damage that may have occurred over time, preventing split ends and breakage so that you can have beautiful and healthy hair with ease. 


If you are simply struggling too much and need to seek some professional help, then come around to your local Cherry Blow Dry Bar. Our services are available at selective Cherry’s, so make sure to check your local listings to see which one near you can give you what you need. You can go and contact us today to schedule your session or download our mobile app for free on iTunes or Google Play.