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How To Make Sure Your Hairbrush Stays Clean

By Admin

Cleaning your hairbrush is important to make sure that you keep your hair clean as well. A lot of people don’t actually think about cleaning their hairbrush aside from removing stray hairs. Well, we are here to inform you of the right way to clean your hairbrush for a healthy happy scalp and vibrant hair. These simple steps are something that everyone should know so that they can maintain optimal hair care.


Why Should I Wash My Hairbrush?


Well think about it- your hair produces things like oil, sebum, and dead skin cells build up. On top of that, the brush and your hair collect all sorts of things from other places. Dust, dirt, fuzz- all sorts of things gather in those things. This stuff will build up over time to create a dirty, undesirable brush. A dirty brush can actually cause issues for your scalp health if you’re not careful- so you definitely want to wash it. 


Actually Washing The Brush


Knowing exactly when you should wash your brush might not be so easy- so you want to pick up a routine. Washing it once a week is what is recommended for most people! Especially if you commonly use products like gels, hairspray or creams. If you don’t, you can get away with two or three weeks before you have to wash it again. The process doesn’t take long either- only about 10-15 minutes out of your day to let it soak. 


First, make sure to remove stray hair. This is something you should do after every time you brush your hair. You want to make sure it’s all gone before the next step. After this, fill a sink or bowl with warm water and a couple of drops of shampoo. Then you can leave it to soak for a while. You can do anything you like while you wait, so it really doesn’t take a lot of time out of your schedule. Once you have let it soak for a few minutes, go ahead and knock off anything that needs a bit of extra effort by shaking it off in the water. For anything that doesn’t want to come off, you can use a small cleaning brush to gently scrub away to get it nice and clean. 


Now- this is all assuming that you have a typical plastic, synthetic brush. If the bristles are natural or the handle is made out of a wooden material then you want to make sure to avoid actually soaking the brush so you don’t damage the natural pieces it is composed of. With these, you want to go straight to the scrubbing- wet the brush with hot water and shampoo and clean off the gunk that way. Make sure you rinse it before you're done, and then let it dry on a dry towel. Try to only dip the bristles of a wooden brush into the water.


Tools To Clean Your Brush


There isn’t anything particular that you will need to clean your brush. You just want something that can get in between the bristles. Tweezers can help with prepping the brush by removing the hair beforehand, and you can use your fingers, a toothbrush, or any small brush that will fit between the bristles to scrub the gunk away. 


Repeat this every so often and you can always reap the benefits of a hair brush that detangles your hair without contributing to spreading harmful bacteria to your scalp and hair. And don’t be afraid to get a new brush either- especially if the one you have is beginning to fall apart. It’s what is best for your hair, after all.


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