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Highlighting, Lowlighting, Babylights - Know the Difference

By Admin

Do you ever find yourself wondering what the difference is between highlights, lowlighting, and babylights? This is a question many people face when looking for the style right for them, so Cherry Dry Bar is here with the answers you need so you can start a new hair journey sooner rather than later.


Highlights, essentially, are meant to lighten up your overall look. They come in various tones, and their bright look makes them perfect for matching the Summer and Spring seasons. You can get them done either using foils, or the balayage technique. The balayage technique is where the highlights are essentially painted on - think of your hair as a canvas! Highlights can come in more shades than blonde as well - despite what some may think. Any color you ask for that is lighter than your natural tone and is meant to be lifted above your natural look, is a highlight. Lighter shades of blonde can even be put in naturally blond hair to give it that extra pop.


A lowlight is basically the opposite of a highlight. They’re meant to darken your natural look, adding deep pigments to your hair and giving you a warmer style. They add depth and contrast, even giving the illusion of volume for those with finer hair who want it to look thicker. In contrast, these lights are perfect for a fall or winter style if you want to feel and look cozy. Typically, this hairstyle is going to work best on lighter shades of hair. If your hair is black, or a deep shade of brown, it will be a little difficult to get lowlights darker than your natural hair color.


This technique is a little newer than the last two. Babylights are much more subtle than highlights or lowlights. They give you a softer, baby-like look to the hair. Typically, it’s supposed to look like the hair that you were born with - hence being called babylights. They are placed in strategic places, using as little hair as necessary for the treatment. They give your hair a contoured look, as they add multiple tones to your hair. And the best part about babylights? Not only are they low maintenance, but they can be applied to almost all hair types and colors, so no one has to be left out!

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