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Hacks to Keep Your Hair Extensions Safe in Winter

By admin

If you’re wanting a change, Hothead’s hair extensions at your favorite Cherry will definitely help give you a boost out of the wintertime funk. Extensions add volume, lift, length, and even hints of vibrant color.

With the right hair care routine, it’s simple to keep your hair extensions protected, manageable, and nourished so they last through the cold season. The key is making sure your natural hair is as healthy as it can be. Follow these cold-weather tips and both your hair and extensions will look amazing all season long.

Use the right hair products. Winter's hair needs deep hydrating products such as our Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner. Between the cold, dry air and the dryness that occurs with indoor heating, your hair can quickly dry and become dehydrated or even brittle. Your Cherry stylist will give you the best products to use to nourish both your natural hair as well as your hair extensions so that it suits your hair texture and needs.

Refrain from frequent washing. If you’re used to washing your hair every day, winter is the time to cut back. Frequent washing causes the natural oils in your hair to dry out, leaving you with dry damaged hair and extensions. Although conditioning often is recommended, leave the shampoo to only a couple of days a week.

Use a once-a-week hair mask at home. Nourished, moisturized hair is healthy, soft, manageable hair. Use Pureology Hydrate Superfood Treatment to strengthen, protect your color, and hydrate the hair.

Enjoy Cherry deep conditioning treatments. When you come into your Cherry for a trim, touch-ups, or hair color, enjoy either our Instant Therapy Hair Mask or Reparative Protein Treatment to give your hair and extensions a boost of nourishment and hydration. A regular deep conditioning treatment will help your hair and extensions stay manageable, soft, and moisturized.

Limit brushing time. When it comes to brushing your hair, you can use a normal brush to detangle the ends while holding the tapes or bonds while brushing. However, you should use an extension-friendly comb for your hair daily. On an extension-friendly comb, the teeth are wider and not as densely packed for combing your hair extensions.

Comb the right way. Our Cherry stylists will give you a crash course in combing your extensions before you leave the salon. Combing helps to distribute the hair’s natural oils from the scalp so both your hair and extensions receive extra moisture. 

  • Hold your hair at the roots to add support to your hair extensions and start by combing below the bonds.
  • Brush your natural hair and extensions in a downward motion following the natural direction of the hair.
  • For tangles, start at the end and work your way upwards.


Don’t go out with wet hair. Cold winter air can damage to your hair and extensions. If they get too cold, your hair and hair from the extensions could freeze and cause breakage. Your extensions may not stay as smooth and nice or bonded for as long if there’s damage from being wet in the cold. Be sure your hair is thoroughly dry before leaving the house.

Protect your hair with a hat. Your hair and extensions can be kept safe in the winter with a beanie or hat. It will protect them from the freezing air, wet weather, and the wind. The more insulating the hat, the better. Be sure the inside material is either a soft cotton or lined with a satin or silky material to protect the roots, from your extensions snagging, and stop your hair from becoming frizzy.

If you’re ready to brighten up your winter with hair extensions, our Cherry stylists are ready to help you with your haircare needs. All of our services are available at selective Cherry’s, so check your local listings to see which Cherry Blow Dry Bar is right for you. Contact Us today to schedule your session at a location near you. You can also download our mobile app for free at iTunes or Google Play.