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Get Some Bangin’ Bangs for Summer Fun Today

By Admin

Getting some new bangs is the perfect way to change your hairstyle for summertime adventures! Bangs are a great way to add texture and style to cool and fresh summertime updos without a lot of hassle or effort. We have some amazing suggestions on what kind of bangs you should get and how you could style them for optimal enjoyment no matter the season or weather. 


Simply Side Swept


Side swept bangs are a go-to look for those looking to appear soft and feminine. Parting your hair at an angle and keeping your bangs swept to one side of your face will give you the girlish look you’re aiming for.


Choppy and Chic


Chippy bangs are classy, and stylish, with a slight punk edge to them that can be paired with a variety of styles. You can’t go wrong with this stylish look!


Updos with a Fringe


Summertime is the time to really let your favorite updos shine. In summer heat you want to keep all the hair you can off the back of your neck, but the same thing every summer might start to get a little boring and predictable. This is where bangs come in. You can so your classic bun, top knot, ponytail, or whatever updo you prefer with the added twist of a lovely, casual fringe. Keep your stunning hairstyles in place and perfect with our blowpro finishing spray to hold them in place without drying them out.


Blunt Cuts


Blunt-cut bangs are a gorgeous look! Especially for people blessed with shining, straight, slightly wispy hair. Blunt cut bangs are simply cut straight across the forehead, leaving the remaining hair to frame the face gently. 



If you’re looking for a professional cut and gorgeous bangs, you can get what you’re seeking at your local Cherry Blow Dry Bar. You can keep up with us online, and download our free app from iTunes or Google Play. We are here to help you look your best!