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Get A Creative Makeup Look To Embrace The Seasons With Cherry

By Admin

Gorgeous professional makeup looks are just the thing you need to jump-start this season with a fashionable look. Using expressive and colorful makeup is a great way to really show off your personality. Using a minimal look might suggest you prefer simple beauty, and bright bold colors might display an artistic, fun-loving side. Even a no-makeup look can display your confidence in your skin. But one thing is for sure- it is an interesting and creative way to show snippets of yourself to the outside world. And with trends, you can do it while looking great. 

Jewel Encrusted Eyes

If you are one for gemstones, extravagant looks, and statement pieces. Facial gems are a shiny, intriguing aspect of makeup that has been making a big burst in fashion this year that you should definitely try out for yourself. You can get as creative with it as you want as well!

Bold Pink Cheeks

Blue lovers are in for a thrill this season with warm pink cheeks- as well as everything else! Applying it to the cheeks, across the nose, temples, and wherever you think it should be will offer a friendly, sun-kissed look during the changing seasons. 

Colorful Blue Eye Looks

Icy blue eye makeup will unleash your inner chill this winter. Beautiful pastel blue, a snowy sheen, and even a deep royal blue can be lovely colors to use to emphasize the eyes of all colors. Brown eyes will get an especially nice pop in contrast to the hue.

Metallic Shimmer

Whether it is just an accent addition to your makeup, a full shimmery eye, or anything else, a metallic look and shimmer is just the thing to make minimal makeup look stand out. These can be colorful, or more classic metallic shades like gold and silver. 

Matte Rose Red Lips

Getting a matte lip is a spectacular choice in and of itself, but combining it with a deep and velvety rose red is one of the best choices you can make! This classic red lip has run strong in the past many times, and it makes sense- red is an appealing color. You can never really go wrong with it.

White Graphic Liner

Are you a lover of a good liner, but sick of constantly being bombarded with only black? Why not go the full opposite of the typical black cat eye, and instead opt for a snowy white graphic liner? This is a good way to hop on a unique and fun-liner trend and incorporate various makeup trends. Try pairing white liner with blue eye makeup for a particularly seasonal look. 

Luminous Skin Look

A luminous makeup look is really one of glowing, healthy skin! It gives the skin a moisturized, lively appearance with just a bit of tinted moisturizer- and a bit of highlighter. The highlighter can go on the eyes, cheekbones, and even the tip of the nose if you like, for an extra lustrous look. 

Bold and Thick Brows

Good news for everyone tired of the constant upkeep with brows- now thick full brows are in style, and they should be for a while. Just keep them neat and let them grow full, and you will have an easy chic look. Eyebrows are important for reading expressions, and an integral part of facial communication, so giving them some time in the light is a superb choice for anyone.

Little Bits Of Color

Adding a little color to your look will never be a bad idea- and this is a trend that supports that idea. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic, just a bright-colored liner or a bit of color to the corners of your eyes. This can make an otherwise bare face look runway ready!