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Get A Beautiful First Brow Shaping Experience With Cherry Blow Dry Bar

By Admin

Facial waxing is a service utilized by many to shape and clean up the hair of the face quickly and efficiently. And at your local Cherry Blow Dry Bar, we offer an opportunity for your brows to be shaped beautifully with our facial waxing services. When you go in for the first time, there are a few things you can expect, and we want to make sure you stay informed so you can have the best possible first-time experience at our salon.


What Is Brow Shaping?


Brow shaping is the use of facial waxing to form your brows into the desired shape quickly and easily. You can theoretically do this with plucking, but it is more tedious and slow. Threading is also an option, and it can depend on your personal preferences and what is best for you. 


Why Waxing Is Best


Waxing is a process that is familiar to many people, common, and reliable. It is much more precise than the other forms of hair removal available, so you will not lose too much or too little. You also get more reliable hair removal as threading and plucking are not able to address hair too short and fine to address with the thread or tweezers- also known as peach fuzz. Sugaring is also an option that is similar to waxing, but it is not as efficient as the wax is with removing coarse hairs. 


Explaining the Process


Typically these sessions can be done and over with quickly. You should not be in the chair for longer than thirty minutes. Fifteen to twenty is what is most common and can simply depend on you and your stylist. You will have a consultation and discuss what shape you would like your brows to have. Then. you will be asked to lie on the treatment bed and the process will begin. The area will be cleansed with a gentle cleanser, to protect your skin from bacteria once it is in a vulnerable state. Cleaning the area also ensures that the wax will stick well and the process will go by smoothly.


What To Do Post-Appointment


After the appointment, you may notice that the waxed area is slightly red. This can depend on how sensitive your skin is, of course. Your stylist will often follow up the process with a soothing solution to help prevent this from becoming uncomfortable. Any stray hairs that were missed during the main procedure will be trimmed, plucked and cleaned up, and you will be shown the final product. Do not be afraid to speak up if you want more done! Our job is to help you look your best and feel confident. So if there is something that can be fixed, make sure to mention it. Once you are home, there is nothing much you have to do to maintain care, however, if you have especially sensitive skin you can follow it up with a hydrocortisone cream to help keep your skin healthy.



Make sure to check out all our keratin treatments to help your hair be its best self! All of our services are available at selective Cherry’s, so make sure to check your local listings to see which Cherry Blow Dry Bar is the one for you. You can contact Us today to schedule your session at a location near you, and our app is also available for download on iTunes or Google Play free of charge.