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Fun Halloween Hairstyles

By Admin

Hair can make or break your perfect costume. There are some costume ideas where you can have a dead-on outfit but without an iconic hairstyle to match the look ends up falling short. Luckily, the right style can handle all your Halloween fun without ever falling out of line with your costume. These styles keep hair manageable during any spooky activities you get up to, whether it’s trick or treating with the kids or partying until the witching hour. Check out these Halloween hairstyles and make sure you look incredible come fright night with Cherry Blow Dry Bar!

Pay tribute famous, fabulous updos from years past. Pinned up Rosie the Riveter victory rolls from the 40s, bouncy, Ms. Maziel-esque  curls a la the 1950s, or a Breakfast at Tiffany’s french twist all rely on the right style to nail your Halloween costume.

If you're hoping to emulate some famous songstress, come in for a professional ponytail. While it may not have you singing like Madonna or Ariana Grande a well-done ponytail will certainly have you looking like them!

Planning on exploring a galaxy far, far, away or leading a rebel alliance? Rey and Lei, the powerhouse Star Wars characters, both have immediately recognizable updos. You can take home the best costume award with Lei’s side buns or master the force with Rey’s three-stack buns.

Going for a comic book/superhero-inspired costume? Then you can’t go with some Harley Quinn pigtails, finish it off with temporary blue and pink coloring and you are ready for a night of mischievous! But if fighting crime instead of causing it is more your style than try out Wonderwoman’s intricate braid. While everyone else goes with her typical loose hair, wow everyone with her original look complete with an intricate Amazon braid to show off your warrior costume.

Halloween is just around the corner so book an appointment at your local Cherry Blow Dry Bar for a fun hairstyle that compliments your spook night look or costume. Our team of professionals at Cherry Blow Dry Bar are ready for you! Contact Us today to get your appointment scheduled in time for the 31st! You can also download our mobile app for free at iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon