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Find The Best Stylist Around With These Helpful Tips

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If you’re starting to look for a new stylist, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. We want to avoid hair styling problems, especially if you are looking for a quality hair cut or color. We want to help you avoid any salon woes with these helpful tips. Find the right stylist for you easily by following this short guide to finding the best stylist around.

Call The Salons You’re Interested In  

When you are interested in a salon, making sure to call them can be really important to learn about them. You can ask about prices, stylists, and anything else you may be curious about, especially if they do not have a website that you can get the information from. 

Trust Your Gut Instinct

Sometimes all you have to go by is your gut. Your stylist is supposed to listen to you, and you need to be comfortable with them. If you feel like there is something off about the stylist or salon, then trust your instinct. You want to take your business to places that you’re comfortable in. If there is something off, find someone else.

Look Over Their Website and Social Media Pages

These sites are available primarily to get in new customers and to provide information for existing customers where it is necessary. Because of this, these sites will be a good source of information on talent, skill sets, staff, environment, and contact information. You can get good ideas about what other people think about a salon based on reviews and comments. A salon that posts pictures is also confident in its abilities and wants to show off the talents of the stylists on hand. Online research is one of the biggest aspects of choosing new stylists in the modern day.

Friend, Family, and Community Recommendations

Before you go to a stylist be sure to ask around about who is best to see. No one is going to recommend a stylist they have had a bad experience with, so you will be able to get a good feel for who the best stylists around are, before setting foot in the salon itself. You may even get some tips on which stylists to avoid.

Test The Stylist You Chooe With A Trial Run

When you first choose and go in to see a new stylist, don’t go straight for cuts and color. You want to test the stylist out first, with a service that will not cause your hair damage if anything goes wrong. Getting your hair blow-dried and styled will help you determine how much you trust this stylist, and give you an idea of how well they listen, how well you click with them, and their skill levels. Build up the trust, and then move on to more extravagant changes. 

Get A Consultation

Consultations are an essential part of a hair stylist’s job. Without proper consultation, many people could leave a salon unsatisfied with the service. When you go in for a consultation, the stylist should give your hair an assessment, especially when you’re new. They should ask you about what has happened with your hair in the past, how often you have had it dyed, and other things in order to learn about what your hair needs to be healthy. Sometimes a stylist may refuse service to you as well, but this is actually a good sign. If you walk into a salon and ask for a new color, but after assessing your hair they refuse, this is a stylist that cares about your hair. They can help you repair and maintain your hair until it has grown out enough to withstand a gorgeous new shade. They will also perform test strips to make sure that it is healthy enough to color and ensure that no mistakes are being made. Consultations are one of the best ways to see how much a stylist cares about delivering quality results. 

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