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Extending the Life of Your Blowout and Cherry Memberships

By admin

When you sign up for a Cherry Blow Dry Bar membership, not only is it a big money saver, but you’re gaining full access to gorgeous hair, as often as you’d like! Who doesn’t love the maintenance and convenience of getting a weekly or bi-weekly blowout?

Looking for blowouts only a couple times a month? No sweat, pick up a shower cap and dry shampoo to stretch out the life of your blowout. From every week, to once a month, we have membership options available to fit your needs and schedule.

Cherry memberships offer the best pricing, and include 10% retail, so you can pick up your mini-hairspray for touchups. Most locations also carry our new favorite hair tie (the coiled ones by EmiJay) for that last day or two of casual wear.

Here are our current memberships:

Signature Membership – This is a month-to-month membership that includes 2 blowouts per month. Don’t worry, unused blowouts roll over, so you will never lose a blowout. If you need an extra blowout for an event or a night on the town, you can enjoy member rates on additional blowouts.

Trendsetter Membership – This month-to-month membership includes 4 blowouts per month. Again, unused blowouts rollover to the next month and additional blowouts are at member rates. This membership is only available at select locations.

Pre-paid Membership – This is a true price saver. Purchase a package of 12 blowouts to use anytime throughout the year. If you frequently use our blowout services, concurrent pre-paid packages are the best discount. If you’re just an occasional glam gal this is perfect for you! It’s a great way to lock in your discounted rate on blowouts to use at your convenience. Travel often? Pre-paid is great because you pay when it’s convenient for you at the discounted rate without the month-to-month commitment.

**While you cannot use your membership at another Cherry, if you are on vacation, visiting family, or out of town for work, you can go to any local Cherry and enjoy member rates at any other Cherry location.

6-Pack Dry Styling Package – Whether you’re on the run and don’t have time for a wash, or just washed your hair yesterday, you can come in and get some curls, waves, or just styled without the blowout. We can even dress up your look with braids – fishtail braid, double French braid, crown braid, whatever your preference, we can do it as a dry style. Dry styles are so convenient since you can be in and out in 30 minutes looking fabulous! *You can purchase this in addition to any membership type or by itself. However, packages aren’t memberships and do not include member benefits.

Remember these hot tips for extending the life of your blowout:

  • Use a shower cap to keep your hair dry in the shower
  • Apply dry shampoo as needed
  • Use our mini-hairspray for touchups
  • Incorporate hair ties for a fun style the last few days of your blowout

Finding the right membership to fit your glam needs is easy! Visit your local Cherry Blow Dry Bar page for membership prices and more. Contact Us for an appointment. You can also download our mobile app for free at iTunesGoogle Play, or Amazon.