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Effortless Application and Length With HotHeads Extensions

By Admin

Achieve awe-inspiring length in a flash with extensions at Cherry Blow Dry Bar! Plenty of people have experienced the simplicity of tape-in extensions and the stunning inches they give. HotHeads Extensions uses some of the finest quality human hair that blends into yours for an undetectable look. Boost the length of your hair, and your confidence, with HotHeads extensions! Learn more about these phenomenal hair-changing options and book a consultation in order to decide if these perfect extensions are for you! 

Seamless and Smooth 

HotHeads are taped-in, making them completely unnoticeable. While the added length livens up your hairstyle, the extensions mix subtly with your natural hair. Everyone will believe you’ve spent the time growing out your hair when all it takes is some time in our Cherry chair. The process doesn’t even require heat or tools. It’s that easy!

Starting with Gorgeous Hair 

The key to next-level extensions is through quality hair. The products from HotHeads are made up of 100 percent Remy virgin hair, so hair stays fresh even after multiple uses. Made of the highest grade human hair, the extensions are taped-in for locks that stay in place without damaging your natural hair. With this application method, you can easily wear the extensions in a variety of styles no matter what you’re doing.

Enduring Looks

The best part of extensions is the bold dramatic change they bring to your hairstyle. Play with the length to find the perfect amount of inches your one-of-a-kind style while adding rich volume, all without the time and energy spent growing out your hair. HotHeads’ easy to manage extensions last 6-8 weeks without relinquishing any of their beauty and vitality. So your hair looks incredible and maintains its appearance with fewer applications than other brands. 

Fast Fullness

Besides adding inches, HotHeads are excellent for maximizing the thickness of your hair. Extensions not only improve the length of your hair but the thickness too! Smoothly adjust a bad haircut in way less time than it takes to naturally grow out. You can also have pieces framed around your face for a fuller look.

Set up a complimentary consultation with a Cherry Stylist now! Our team of professionals at Cherry Blow Dry Bar are ready for you! Contact Us today to get your next event booked. You can also download our mobile app for free at iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.