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Easy Styling with Keratin Treatments

By Admin

Does your hair tend to dry out, get frizzy or unruly? Is it difficult and time consuming to dry your hair at home or at the salon? You’re not alone! Many women experience these struggles regularly with their hair. Luckily, a simple keratin treatment can help you style and maintain your hair, and we have a few different types to choose from at Cherry Blow Dry Bar!

Keratin is a major building block of hair, so it only makes sense that when your hair becomes damaged it can be treated by adding more keratin back into the hair. Tangles, breakage, and frizz are all caused by overly porous hair, but all of these issues can be addressed with a keratin treatment. It will fill in the open pores of the hair shaft, sealing each strand into a stronger, healthier version of itself.

A major bonus of smoothing your hair with Keratin is that your hair becomes much more manageable when styling! It even reduces the drying time by about half, so if you’re washing frequently, styling at home, or even looking to get out of the salon quicker, a Keratin Treatment is key!

These smooth and easy styling results can last up to 3 months with a Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment, or about 6 weeks with an Express Keratin. If your main concern is treating a difficult hairline, or you are new to Keratin’s and want to get a feel for the treatment, we can limit the treatment to just target your hairline!

Don’t let dry or frizzy stand in your way this winter. Come see us at Cherry Blow Dry Bar, where we can make all your hair dreams come true! Contact Us for an appointment or consultation, or download our mobile app for free at iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.