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DIY Series: False Lashes

By Admin

Hey friends, what’s up? It’s Cherry Blow Dry Bar, and we’re back today with another edition of our DIY series. Today we’re switching gears and talking all about falsies! We might not have anywhere to be, but we sure can look good anyway!  When you look good you feel good, and right now we need all the “feel good” we can get!

False lashes: Applying false lashes is much easier than it looks! Whether you’re sharpening up your makeup skills or missing your lash extensions right now, we’re going to help guide you through this essential beauty pick-me-up!

The perfect lashes can be created in 6 easy steps:

1.  Measure the length to match your natural lash line by holding the strip up to your lashes.
2.  Using scissors, carefully trim the strip lash to fit your lash line.
3.  Apply lash glue sparingly to the strip.
4.  Wait 1-2 minutes, or until the glue starts to become sticky before you apply the lashes.
5.  While looking in a mirror, apply the strip as close to your lash line as possible, starting in the center and working your way outward. Lightly press on the edges and pinch the lash strip to your real lashes to ensure there are no gaps.
6.  Finish by lining the top lash line with your favorite black eyeliner to blend.

*Pro tip:  Blink your eyes a few times after applying to make sure they are in a comfortable position. Adjust them if needed before the glue completely dries.

The more you do it, the easier it will become! If you try it out, feel free to tag us and show it off (@cherryblowdrybar on instagram or facebook)! We are committed to helping you keep a sense of normalcy during this trying time, so keep an eye out for more DIY tips from your favorite stylists at Cherry Blow Dry Bar. Keep up with us online, or download our app for free from iTunes or Google Play.