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DIY Series: All Day Bun

By Admin

Hi Everyone! It’s Cherry Blow Dry Bar, and we’re back today with another edition of our DIY series. Today’s hairstyle is all about being quick and easy while still helping you look and feel on top of your game. After all, maintaining our regular beauty routine is one of the things that’s keeping us going right now!

All Day Bun: When you think of a bun, you might imagine your favorite sweats and a lazy day, but they are actually much more versatile than that! Yeah, you might be spending a bit more time with your couch lately, but mastering the bun will come in handy even after this social distance thing is behind us!

This style can be created in 4 easy steps:

1. Use your favorite texturizing spray throughout dry hair, from root to tip. This will create grip in the hair to eliminate slippery ends and keep your bun in place.

2. Create and secure a ponytail at your favorite height. Twist the lengths to coil them tight, wrapping them around the ponytail base.

3. Use your fingertip to push the hair tight up against your head as you keep wrapping the ends. (This will help it form that perfect circle bun, not a knot!)

4. Secure with a few bobby pins by pinching the outermost part of the bun towards your head. Finish with your favorite strong hold hair spray!

Simple as that! If you try it out, feel free to tag us and show it off (@cherryblowdrybar on instagram or facebook)! We are committed to helping you keep a sense of normalcy during this trying time, so keep an eye out for more DIY tips from your favorite stylists at Cherry Blow Dry Bar. Keep up with us online, or download our app for free from iTunes or Google Play.