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DIY Series: A Quick Twist

By Admin

As you may have heard, the world is a bit topsy-turvy at the moment. We only go out for the essentials, but in my mind: a good hairstyle is a bit essential for my mental state! Here at Cherry Blow Dry Bar, not only will we style your hair to the best of our ability but we will also educate you on how to do your hair at home so you can always look and feel your best, especially during this trying time.

In the spirit of social distancing and maintaining good hair (and good mental health!), today we’re back to talk about another hairstyle you can easily create at home.

A quick twist: We love the quick twist because it looks great on all hair types - from straight to curly and everything in between! It’s a simple, soft way to create a “done” look, and it’s so easy you can even try it out on your little one! For this look, you only need a little hair product and two bobby pins.

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Create a side part. The side with the most hair will be the side you twist. On fine hair, prep with a density or texture spray; if you have curly hair, run some smoothing cream through the section first.

2. Start on your part. Pinch the hair about an inch or so from the hairline, and flip it back, twisting away from your face. Continue grabbing more hair as you work your way down, all the way behind your ear. 

3. Grab 2 bobby pins. Secure the first pin in an upward direction. Start pinning at your scalp and let the pin pinch the twist on the way up. Criss-cross the next pin in a downward direction to lock in the style. 

4. Finish by running a light serum through your ends to keep the look soft and natural-looking.

Expert Tip: For your best face-framing shape, pull the hair a bit tighter back when you are working around your ear to avoid any slack or buckling on the side of your face.

There you have it! If you try it out, feel free to tag us and show it off(@cherryblowdrybar on Instagram or Facebook)! We are committed to helping you keep a sense of normalcy during this trying time, so keep an eye out for more DIY tips from your favorite stylists at Cherry Blow Dry Bar. Keep up with us online, or download our app for free from iTunes or Google Play.