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Discover Your Shiniest Hair Possible with Color Gloss

By admin

Summer is a time when you’re out in the sun and enjoying all the leisure activities that summer has to offer. That being said, during the summer your hair can also be exposed to harsh weather conditions, sun damage, environmental toxins, and nutritional deficiencies. All of these things can lead to dull, flat hair. We have the salutation for that though!  At Cherry Blow Dry Bar, we can easily bring your hair back to its state with our color gloss treatment. Here’s how to know if color gloss is right for you.

What is Color Gloss? Color gloss is a professional semi-permanent hair treatment that coats and protects your hair with a high gloss shine and a touch of translucent color. Our color gloss treatment can be customized to give you a boost of color and shine whether your hair is natural or color-treated. If you’d rather just keep it your natural shade, your Cherry stylist can just offer a boost with a clear gloss to protect your hair.

Benefits of Color Gloss. There are several benefits to a color gloss treatment besides the obvious boost of color and shine:

?       Correct a color mishap. Your Cherry stylist can use a color gloss treatment to tone down brassiness, darken a color that is too light, or smooth out highlights that turned out chunkier or brighter than expected.

?       Seal the hair cuticle. A gloss can seal the cuticle of damaged hair for a healthier, smoother look. When you seal the cuticle, the color is locked in so your hair color lasts longer with less fading.

?       Only semi-permanent. A semi-permanent option gives you the freedom to try a slightly darker shade, or add some golden or red undertones for a temporary change without a long-term commitment.

What do I need to do to maintain it? If you’re looking for something that is low maintenance, this may be perfect for you! Your Cherry stylist will give you recommendations on the best hair care products to use so your gloss will look great and will last as long as possible. In a few weeks when you’re back at your favorite Cherry salon again, you can schedule a quick and easy treatment to renew your shine again.

Is Color Gloss safe? Yes! With its gentle formula and nourishing deep conditioners, this hair treatment is perfectly safe to apply more often than other color treatments.

Visit your local Cherry Blow Dry Bar and ask about our Color Gloss treatment during your next appointment! Our talented stylists at Cherry Blow Dry Bar are ready to give you a consultation to provide the best options for your needs. You’ll be glad you did when you walk out of our salon with beautiful, shiny, manageable hair. Contact Us today for an appointment at a location near you. You can also download our mobile app for free at iTunes or Google Play.