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Conditioning Your Hair is Vital to Healthy, Hydrated Hair

By Admin

While it’s great to shampoo less often, it’s important to not skimp on the conditioner. Conditioning your hair regularly is a key step to healthy hair no matter what your hair type. We recommend using a professional product, so your hair is guaranteed to get the most out of a daily conditioner!

Why is conditioning important? Your hair is designed to moisturize itself, but sometimes due to environmental elements and toxins, your hair needs a little boost to fight against dry, damaged hair. In a perfect world, your hair follicles would produce all the necessary oils to moisturize and protect your hair shaft. These natural oils seal the outer layer and create a smooth, manageable surface. 

What happens when there isn’t enough moisture? When dry hair, heat, and damaging UV rays deplete the natural moisture in your hair, the cells in the cuticle separate, exposing the inner core of your hair to damage. This damage can be in the form of rough texture, tangled hair, frizz, and dull hair. That’s why using a high-quality hair conditioner is so important to replace the moisture, protect your hair, and bring back life to your hair.

How a conditioner helps. Any one of our Pureology hair conditioners is formulated to set up the gaps caused by environmental damage. They work together with your hair’s natural oils to seal the hair shaft and create a smooth, frizz-free surface; your Cherry stylist can recommend which is the best conditioner for your hair texture and style.

Professional deep conditioning treatment. Treatments such as our Instant Therapy Hair Mask can help to bring back the vibrancy in your hair color while giving you softer, more manageable hair in a matter of minutes. Need something a little more intense? We can revitalize your dry, damaged hair with our Reparative Protein Treatment. It rebuilds and repairs the bonds of the hair while giving you smooth, shiny hair for up to 5 weeks.

Using a great conditioner at home in between appointments is important to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. You can shop for your favorite products online. Stop by your local Cherry Blow Dry Bar and let us help you get your hair healthy! Contact Us today to schedule your session at a location near you. You can also download our mobile app for free at iTunes or Google Play.