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All The Need-To-Know Details For When You Get Gorgeous New Extensions

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Getting extensions is a brilliant way to change up your hair look quickly without needing to wait for it to grow out. Making sure you know all the details about how to care for them, style them, and what new trends are popular are all important in getting the most out of your extensions. Cherry Blow Dry Bar wants to make sure that you can enjoy your extensions for the full 6-8 weeks you paid for, so here are useful tips so that you can keep them healthy as possible. 


Product application


When you choose a product for your hair care routine, you want to check the ingredients before you commit to it. There are some ingredients that are not ideal for caring for your new hair. Extensions can be prone to drying out, so you want to make sure you use moisturizing products that do not contain alcohol or sulfates. No one wants to get a new hairdo only for it to become a brittle, dry, and frizzy mess after all. 


Brushing Extensions 


Something you want to keep in mind when you have extensions is how you brush them. When you brush them make sure to brush them completely, and gently. Brushing to rough can promote breakage and shedding, but brushing them properly can actually discourage it and prevent loss. You want to make sure that they are dry so that when you brush them the hair is not being torn and broken as well, because wet hair is more susceptible to it, so make sure to do it prior to your shower. You can also use a wide-toothed comb to make the process easier on yourself and your hair. 


Heated Styling


Heated styling can be okay on occasion for extensions, but to do so excessively can cause a ton of heat damage. Extensions do not have the pleasure nor privilege of having access to the natural oils your scalp produces, so they have no way of self-regulating their moisture content. When you do decide to use blow drying or heated styling methods, protect your hair with a heat protectant to reduce any heat damage that may otherwise occur on your beautiful extensions. 


Washing Procedure


When you wash your extensions, keep in mind that washing them too much can actually decrease their lifespan and cause shedding. You can use dry shampoo on your hair to extend how long you can go without washing if you get permanent extentions- it is not healthy to wash your hair every day anyway. You want to wash them only when you need to, preserving their moisture so they do not dry up and frizz out. Wash them gently and use lukewarm water so that the hot water does not cause any damage to them either. After this, let them air dry, then brush and style normally. Washing once a week or every other day can help let your permanent extensions last a little longer, depending on what is good for you and your hair. 



Regular Conditioning


Because of the fact that these extensions are not as privy to the natural oils you produce, it is important to maintain them manually to make sure they do not experience excess damage. You can do this with gentle, moisturizing conditioners. You can even use leave-in conditioners for permanent extensions.


Trends With Extensions In 2022


There are also some fun trends you can try with your extensions this year that you may find you absolutely love. For example, using extensions to get a long layered look from the early 2000’s era to get some dimension and texture to your original hair is pretty popular and trendy right now. Alongside that, you will find those curly extensions for long, bouncy, voluminous hair are both beautiful and fashionable for 2022. Some people even get their extensions colored, so that they can experience a beautiful, vivid shade or highlight without needing to touch their real hair. 


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