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Achieve Flawless Hair with a Cherry Blowout

By admin

What is a Cherry Blowout? At the most basic level, a blowout is styling the hair using brushes and a dryer. At Cherry Blow Dry Bar, our signature techniques and soothing wash give you a totally relaxing experience. We take pride in transforming your hair into the look you desire while leaving your hair healthy and feeling amazing.

What is the benefit of a salon blowout? When you try to do your own hair at home, you are working with your hands over your head, without a clear view of the hair in the back. It’s impossible to perfect every section with this disadvantage. At Cherry, your stylist is standing above your head, working in small sections to perfect each section before moving on to the next. That’s why salon blowouts take time – at least 30 to 45 minutes to complete – to ensure that each section is dry and the cuticle is sealed into the desired texture and style.  

What hair texture works best? The awesome thing about blowouts is that they are perfect for all hair types. Our Cherry stylists are specially trained to work with all hair textures to ensure even those with the curliest of hair leave our salon with volume, shine, and healthy-looking hair.

Who are blowouts for? If you have hair, blowouts are for you! Women, children, even men can all enjoy a flawless hairstyle. At Cherry, we use professional products to ensure your hair is kept healthy between blowouts.

We offer blowout memberships to make your life easy. Our blowouts already last up to a week, so you can enjoy regular blowouts for professional-looking hair all month long! Also, over time, regular blowouts can help to manipulate your hair to adapt to the style and shape you want, making your blowouts last even longer!

If you’re in need of a blowout or a smooth, spring hairstyle for Easter pics, come into Cherry Blow Dry Bar and let us help you get the look you want. You can shop for your favorite products online. Contact Us today to schedule your session at a location near you. You can also download our mobile app for free at iTunes or Google Play.