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8 Great Knock-Out Hair Colors To Start Off The Season!

By Admin

With the autumn season closing in fast, we must rush to keep up with the seasonal trends. And with these trends, comes a lot of hot new colors being made widely popular that you can choose from to keep an up-to-date look each year. This time, we have a short list of a bunch of different colors and styles you can try to keep looking your best for the sweater seasons. 


Gentle Amber


Amber is a color that gives a bright, uplifting golden tone to your hair. Using it as a highlight, balayage, or even all-over color, can be a great way to get a staggering look for the fall season that will keep only the best attention on you. It can resemble a shade of blonde or ginger, depending on the particular shade of amber you want to pursue. But make no mistake, it is sure to look absolutely amazing. 


Dark As Obsidian


Soft, dark, and slightly edgy, obsidian is an absolutely ravishing color with an ominous feel that will leave you feeling quite in line with the fall season. It will leave people wondering about you and wanting to know more. In particular, they will want to know where you went to get such a spectacular look! Black is a color anyone can rock, so if in doubt, this is the color for you. Especially if this particular shade is accompanied by cooler undertones to deepen the shade and contrast the natural fall colors. 


Luminous Garnet Red


Whether your goal is a deep, dark crimson, bright scarlet, hair shiny like garnet or a natural, warm shade of ginger, red is one color that never ceases to fail in fall. It is the perfect fall hair tone after all. Natural gingers and bold bright redheads alike do a fantastic job embracing the autumnal season through this shade, especially in regions where the leaves turn as bright red and orange as a roaring flame. Bring out your fierce, ambitious side with this fiery trend.


Ashy Brown Highlights


If you are not quite one for the intensity of red, you can try a more cool-toned ashy brown. Highlights are definitely popular, and what better way to celebrate fall than this gorgeously soft, grey-toned brunette look to really compliment your fall wardrobe? An ashy color will remind you of sitting by the fire, as tiny sparks and ash flicker through the air while you are roasting marshmallows. It’s a perfect fall look for a perfect fall activity. Highlighting your dark locks with a soft but light color like this will pick up your look in all the right ways.


Strawberry Blonde


If you are a brunette girl looking for something new, a lighter shade, or simply a slight change, then using a strawberry blonde hue is right up your alley. This particular shade of blonde is darker than typical blondes and can take on a slightly reddish-pink undertone. It also pairs well with brunette colors, so using this color as a highlight or in a balayage look can be a perfect new fall look for anyone. 


Metallic Bronze


If you are one for earthy, shiny tones, then a nice metallic bronze should suit you well. Make sure you treat your hair right for this, making sure your hair stays healthy and hydrated is key to keeping that shiny look about it! Use this deep, shiny shade of brown to amp up your style this fall in the form of a fully new look or to really amplify your natural color with a highlighting technique. 


Dazzled In Silver


Who said you have to wait until you are older to be a silver fox? You can be a vixen any time, with a bright, luminous silver color. Whether it is as a full look or highlight is completely up to you, however, there is no doubt that silver in any form, is making a comeback for the season. So if you ever wanted to try it, now is your time to shine. 


Matte Nutty Brown


Shades of soft, nutty browns are perfect for the season when chestnuts start to fall. Appreciating all colors is important because there is beauty in even the most simple shades. You can find that simple, fall beauty in a dusky, lovely brown color. And given the fleeting nature of beauty, you should be sure to appreciate it in all its forms while it lasts. This is why considering this lighter, simpler color is just as valid a choice as any other. Chestnut brown specifically can even be accompanied by slight auburn undertones, making it all the more suiting for a beautiful autumn vibe. 


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