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8 Gorgeous Updos and Hairstyles To Try This Summer

By Admin

Summer time is hopping with activities from barbeques, to weddings, and birthday parties to baby showers. So naturally, it is a time of year you’ll be spending lots of time in the salon chair for styling and updos. That is why it is important to keep up to date on all the cool and trendy hairstyles and haircuts of the year- so you can look good, battle the heat, and stay fashionable all at once. 


Gentle Wispy Bangs

If you’re going to an event that is a little more casual- say you have a date or family reunion coming up then this may be the look you need. It doesn’t require any fancy braids, elastics, or pins. It is a look that will frame your face without looking like you put in a lot of effort. You will look absolutely flawless with these  wispy, soft bangs


Elegant Braided Buns

Buns with braids is a classic idea that is elegant enough for a special event and casual enough for everyday wear. A bun is a strong, sturdy style, which makes it capable of withstanding a long day of wear. It will keep you from heating up in the warm sun, and you’ll look great as well!


A Classic Lob

If you are unaware of what exactly a lob is, picture a bob that is simply longer than normal. The word is a combination of the words “Long bob”, hence, “lob”. This look is great for people who struggle with heat but want to keep a little bit of length. A lob is a summer look that can not be beaten.


Beautiful French Pony

Ponytails and braids are long-standing companions in the world of hairdressing, and that is no different with this summer style. French braids help make a ponytail more secure, so they can last longer, as well as add a little extra spice and detail to mix up your normal look. This look can be used for anything from a sporting event to a classy party - you just simply add accessories.


Fun Bubble Pony’s 

Bubble ponytails are a trend that got popular online, and they’re a fun style that can make you feel and look like a princess. It is especially gorgeous with longer hair, as you can get many of the ‘bubbles’ into one ponytail for a fun, classy look and chic style.


Simple Braids + Top-Knot

Top knots are a great way to keep your hair up, and adding braids or twists, can make them extra special for an important occasion. This hairstyle isn’t one to disappoint with its sleek, chic, and sharp vibe. You can even mess with the different kinds of braids and braid placement.


Sleek Ballerina Bun
A ballerina is elegant, poised, and graceful - which you can be as well with a sleek and beautiful ballerina bun. You can pair this lovely look with some accessories too, like flowers or elegant pins. 


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