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7 Breathtaking Spring Trends for the Makeup Fiend in 2022

By Admin

Getting your makeup done is a big deal, especially for fancy events and special occasions. But before you go in for your session, you want to make sure the look you’re going for is up to date with the newest popular looks of the season. Luckily, there are a ton of fresh looks popular this spring we know you’ll love!

Glamorous Neon Eyes
Neon eye makeup from shadow to the liner is taking a stand with its bold and bright colors. Pair a neon eyeliner with a matching eyeshadow to ensure a nice pop of spring glamor wherever you may go.

Double Winged Eyeliner
This look is perfect for those crazy about eyeliner and looking to soar. Instead of one wing, you get two on each eye for a stunning and fierce makeup look. You can pair this look with a bright neon eyeliner for some extra pizazz!

Bright Blush
Heavy, bright blushing colors have been gaining popularity over the past few months and are a perfect burst of color to rejuvenate dull cheeks. It makes for a good accent piece to accompany the rest of your makeup look, with bright soft shades of red and pink. 

Soft Glossed Lips
Light lipsticks with a shiny gloss are being seen everywhere recently. Pair a light, pink or nude lipstick with a glistening gloss for a simple, cute look to match your spring spirit. Pair this with some simplistic, minimal makeup looks and you’ll have a brand new everyday style.

Picasso Pastels
Who else is better known for abstract art than the famous Picasso? Abstract pastel looks are a fun way to explore your makeup preferences while keeping up with popular looks. From tiny bits of pastel color to colorful swirls of color, you can let your inner artist shine through with this eccentric style.

Icy Eyes
Ice blue is the perfect shade to really bring out the natural glimmer in your eye. To really kick it up a notch and look like a frost queen, this look can be paired with a shimmering silver eyeliner or a touch of white to the inner corner of your eyes. 

The Reverse Cat-Eye
This look is one that puts the focus on the liner at the bottom of the eye rather than the top. Extend your liner to make a wing from the bottom instead of the top, emphasizing your eyes in a unique and gorgeous way.

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