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New Cherry Blow Dry Bar Coming to Marlton, NJ

CHERRY HILL -- Cherry Blow Dry Bar - an expanding franchise that provides express services including blowouts, hair extensions, makeup services and treatments -- is coming to Marlton. The new salon is slated to open this month at The View at Marlton on Route 73 and will be the third location for the Cherry Hill-based franchise in South Jersey. The other salons are located in Cherry Hill and Deptford Township. Bryn Erace, will own and operate the new salon with her husband, Joe. Bryn and Joe are no strangers to franchising, nor the lifestyle and beauty industry. Together, they own and operate three Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa franchises in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. "We wanted to expand our franchise portfolio, but most importantly, wanted to do it with another lifestyle and beauty concept," said Bryn. "We knew we found a winner when we came across Cherry Blow Dry Bar. The concept has proven strong and is continuing to expand throughout the country. We look forward to introducing our unique services to local consumers."  "We're couldn't be more excited about welcoming Bryn and Joe to our team of franchisees," said Cherry Blow Dry Bar CEO Fred Vicario. "Our proven business model paired with the industry know-how of seasoned pros like Bryn and Joe is a winning combination, and we're confident their location will thrive in Marlton." Today, there are 10 salons open and operating in seven states -- with nearly 20 more under various stages of development throughout the country. View Article

Cherry Blow Dry Bar coming to Deptford, NJ

Blowout salon franchise signs agreement for fifth salon in New Jersey   CHERRY HILL, N.J. - Cherry Blow Dry Bar, a specialty salon that provides premium hair blowouts, makeup services, and hair applications or treatments at affordable prices, signed an agreement with business partners and friends, Jenine Macrillo and Maureen Russo. This marks the fifth location entering Cherry Blow Dry Bar’s home state of New Jersey. The new salon will be located at 1500 Almonesson Rd. Suite B5 in The Court at Deptford. Company plans call for opening as many as 10 area locations over the next several years. “My daughter works as the master stylist at the flagship location in Cherry Hill and I’ve only heard great things,” said Macrillo. “Deptford doesn’t have a salon that specializes in blowouts, so I am extremely excited to be the one to bring it to my community. Now, they won’t have to travel way out of town for premium blowouts and makeup services.” Macrillo has been in the beauty industry for the last 10 years, formerly owning Belladonna Artists, a local makeup business. Currently, she is the lead esthetician at Hand and Stone Massage & Facial Spa. Russo is a feline care technician at Camden County Animal Shelter. “Between work, play and other activities, women on the go want to look and feel good about their hair and makeup, but don’t always have the time to make their hair look just right for the occasion, the lunch or the office,” said Russo. “Cherry Blow Dry Bar not only fulfills this need but allows clients to enjoy exclusive, but affordable luxury without compromising on quality and service.” Founded in 2013, Cherry Blow Dry Bar offers blowouts for hair of any length starting at about $35. Customers can pick and choose from the salon’s styling menu which includes nine different hairstyles – from updos and beachy waves to braids and voluminous curls. Salons offer three types of memberships, starting at about $59 for two monthly blowouts. Additional services such as full makeup application, scalp massages, hair extensions, braids and clip-in applications are also offered. Express smoothing treatments are also offered.

The Ultimate Workday Playlist: 12 Songs to Motivate You"

Entrepreneurs from a number of professions weighed in on the music that inspires their day.  Cherry Blow Dry Bar COO, Steve Vicario, holds the #5 spot with "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor. "Who isn't motivated by 'Eye of the Tiger?' You can't beat the classics and it's the ultimate motivational song. Plus, I live in Philly and everyone knows this is one of Rocky's favorite songs". - Steve Vicario View the full 12-song Spotify playlist to get you motivated! View Article

15 Mistakes to Avoid when Starting a Franchise

If you’re considering starting a franchise business, you’ve probably seen a lot of sales pitches recently. Franchise teams build super sophisticated sales networks – websites, brochures, sales reps, etc. – all working in sync, non-stop, to sell you their franchise. What you won’t often hear is that owning a franchise can be just as risky as owning any other small business. That’s why we spoke to a number of current franchisees and franchise experts about the biggest mistakes they made when starting a franchise and what you can do to avoid them. Mistake #7: Needlessly straying from your franchise business plan.  Bob Ferry, Cherry Blow Dry Bar franchisee in New Jersey “Don’t needlessly stray from your business plan without a sound reason. The biggest mistake to avoid is making broad assumptions about your business. Before making changes, you really want to do your research. Get as many facts and data points as possible in order to make good decisions. Don’t assume that other people with industry experience are always correct or always wrong. Look at all the issues, compare the pros and cons, and then make a decision that fits within your business plan.” View Article    

Longtime Resident Introduces Fairfax County to Blow Dry Bars

When Jennifer Weiss opened her first Cherry Blow Dry Bar, she knew little about styling hair or running a retail business. As a corporate executive in the publishing industry, Weiss frequently had to give presentations and attend galas and other events where guests were expected to look polished and professional. However, her hair never seemed to cooperate. So, when she decided to leave her job as senior vice president of the company 1105 Government Information Group in 2013, Weiss wanted to start her own business, getting involved specifically in the growing trend of salons that specialize in blowouts. “I felt there was a real need for people to be able to go and get blow outs for a low price,” Weiss said. “If you do go to a full-service salon to get a blowout, it’s often very, very expensive and not that good.” Because her expertise lay more in marketing, finance and management than hair or retail, Weiss opted to manage a franchise for an existing company, rather than starting a new one from scratch, since she could follow their business model and take advantage of their support and resources. After extensive research, she settled on Cherry Blow Dry Bar. Cherry Blow Dry Bar launched in 2013 and has locations in California, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, and now, Virginia. Weiss opened her first outlet in January 2015 on Highland Street in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington. She started another Cherry Blow Dry Bar later that year in November in Fairfax’s Mosaic District. The New York native has lived in Northern Virginia for 25 years, and she chose the Mosaic District as the location of her Fairfax County franchise because she has enjoyed visiting the mixed-use community since shops and restaurants started opening in 2012 and 2013. Weiss says she likes that Mosaic has a combination of national chains and smaller, locally-owned businesses. “I knew it as a customer, someone that came here and enjoyed it,” she said of the Mosaic District. “It’s easy to park, a lot of great shops and restaurants…I love the company that manages it. They really focus on making sure that all of the retailers are successful. They really support us.” Sandwiched between a nail lounge and a Thai restaurant, Cherry Blow Dry Bar strikes a tricky aesthetic note of chic yet approachable, just like the other venues in the still-developing Mosaic District. Outside, construction vehicles and trucks crowd the narrow street, water colored orange by dirt creating puddles on the asphalt, but inside, the blow dry bar is all sleek white surfaces and open spaces. About 10 red low-back swivel stools face a countertop that stretches down the length of the room and is littered with mirrors, blow dryers and various hair products. Customers can also go to the other side of the room to lean back in black leather chairs while getting their hair washed by one of Cherry Blow Dry Bar’s 12 stylists. A waiting room at the front of the venue features a cart with magazines and citrus water next to a small table with a tea kettle, and a flat-screen TV plays the news on mute while pop and soft rock music humming through overhead speakers fill the room. Weiss says her goal is to create an environment that feels comfortable for all of her customers, from businesswomen checking in for an appointment before going to work to friends celebrating a birthday or bridal shower. “They’re getting pampered, so it’s a stress-free environment,” Weiss said. “We want to create just a really customer-focused experience.” Though Cherry Blow Dry Bar primarily focuses on blowouts, the salon offers other beauty services, such as tape-in hair extensions, treatments, makeup application, and even scalp massages. The two services that Weiss’s business doesn’t offer, however, are cutting and coloring, differentiating it from a full-service salon. What separates Cherry Blow Dry Bar from other blow dry bar chains, such as Drybar in Tysons Corner or FLOW Blow Dry and Beauty Bar in Reston’s Plaza America, is its emphasis on memberships. While those other outlets offer memberships of their own, Cherry Blow Dry Bar has more options, including a frequent dryer membership for unlimited blowouts at $149 per month and a pre-paid annual membership that lets customers get 12 blowouts in a year. The salon gets one-time visitors as well, but the memberships allow Weiss to cultivate a base of regular, long-term customers. “Literally we have women that come in every day. That’s really exciting to see,” Weiss said. Weiss says that, aside from adjusting to the grueling schedule of managing essentially two businesses open from dawn to dusk seven days a week, the biggest challenge for her has been finding employees with the right level of passion, talent and willingness to learn. Cherry Blow Dry Bar stylists have generally attended cosmetology school and are already licensed in the field, but when hired, they’re still required to undergo a week-long training process in order to learn Cherry’s particular techniques. They also continue to take classes in specific skills such as braiding or hair extensions while on the job. The goal of the required employee training is to maintain consistency in the quality and style of services provided across Cherry Blow Dry Bar’s six existing franchises. “We want that consistency in results,” Weiss said. “The technique also teaches speed too, because this is about convenience. We want people to be able to come in and out in less than an hour and not feel like they’re sitting in a salon for hours.” As Mosaic District’s Cherry Blow Dry Bar approaches the end of its first year in operation, Weiss hopes to expand her business’s visibility and has started contemplating opening a third franchise in Northern Virginia, though she hasn’t settled on any particular locations yet. The former media executive calls the past year and a half “exhausting” and says with a laugh that, if she were to do it all over again, she probably would’ve waited to start a second franchise instead of opening two in less than a year. The career change and new experiences have also been rewarding, though. Dismissing the notion that the hair and beauty industry inherently reinforces unhealthy body images for women, Weiss says the goal of Cherry Blow Dry Bar is to make women feel good about themselves as they are. “We’re really about making women look and feel beautiful,” Weiss said. “[It’s about] giving them that confidence of when you feel really polished and professional and put-together that you can kind of conquer anything.” View Article

Top 10 Ways to Care for Your Hair

Top 10 Ways to Care for Your Hair Suburban Magazine, August 2016 Issue by MariLynne Cosmillo 1.) Get a professional blowout —trust an expert. Not only do the pros know which products are best for your hair, they also know how to properly style with hot tools to safely get you that style you've been looking for without creating heat damage. And since blowouts have lasting power, thanks to the hard work of sectioning and smoothing your hair, you can squeeze out a few extra days before putting any heat to it again. 2.) Protection is key —use a heat protector with vitamins and proteins. Whether you are a product junkie or prefer a wash-and-go regime, you should give your hair daily TLC. 3.) Give it a break —use a dry shampoo. Washing hair everyday will dry it out and can make your sebaceous glands over active, making your hair feel dirty more quickly. Give your hair an extra day (or more) of not washing by using a dry shampoo at your root. Simply massage in to absorb excess oils and lift your roots for a lighter, more voluminous second day style. 4.) Use a shower cap —prevent frizz and keep your scalp dry from humidity. The ultimate culprit of a blowout is moisture. Always use a tightly fitted shower cap to protect your style and scalp from humidity when showering. 5.) At home remedies —An at home mask is just the same as one at the salon if you're using the same professional product. Create a weekly regime with a mask; try a damage control conditioner with organic Shea butter. Apply to wet, clean hair at the beginning of your shower, clip up and don’t rinse until you're ready to hop out. A cool rinse will seal in the nutrients and leave your hair extra smooth. 6.) Forget the flat iron —waves of all kinds, including curling iron designed and natural, are in style. Take advantage of the trend and ditch the flat iron, which can cause more stress and damage to your hair. 7.) Pony up only 2 times a week —did you know over-knotting your hair can cause breakage? Avoid by limiting your pony tail time and use fabric elastic instead of rubber based. 8.) Restore with keratin —believe it or not, too much protein can have an adverse effect. Maintain healthy, strong hair with a once a month keratin treatment. An extra 15 minutes at the salon will go a long way to healing color and heat damaged hair and can prevent unnecessary hair cuts down the line. 9.) Brush before you wash —stimulate the scalp to increase blood circulation and encourage hair growth by brushing before you wash. Beware that brushing distributes the oils on your scalp throughout your hair, so if you're a morning washer, brush your hair before bed so your locks get extra TLC over night and a clean start in the morning. 10.) Color less, cover more —stretch out your root touch-ups by using an instant grey coverage product. Just spray it directly onto visible roots to quickly conceal any greys and you can put off that color appointment for another day. MariLynne Cosmillo is a hair stylist and the Director of Education & Operations for the Cherry Blow Dry Bar Franchise. View Article