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What to Post on Your Cherry Instagram

By admin

What to post. Of course, just like Facebook, you want a variety of posts. Many salons make the mistake of only reposting their Facebook post to Instagram but you should be taking advantage of Instagram’s visual benefits to posting a lot of variety.

  • Before and after pics: show off the talent of your stylists! A transformational cut, a new hair color, a gorgeous blowout or updo – all ways to show off your Cherry salon!
  • Specialty updos: Special occasions and bridal styles should be shown off in style. Even a creative braid is cause for celebration by giving your audience a chance to see just what you can offer.
  • Styling products: Everyone is looking for something to tame, smooth, and condition their hair in between salon appointments. Snap a picture of one of our many styling products or tools and share it on Instagram.
  • Upcoming deals and offers: If you have a promo or event coming up, this is a great platform to post a picture of an offer, or an in-store poster, to alert your viewers of what’s coming up.
  • Timely posts: Now it’s the holiday season but no matter the time of year – prom, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day – make sure to post relevant images to show off how you can give them a gorgeous service on their special day.
  • Give thanks: Social media is a great place to offer a public thank you to your valued guests for their awesome reviews. You can easily make a graphic of a new Google review for others to see how much you’re loved.
  • Welcome new employees: When you hire new stylists, share the news and a fun image to personalize your salon and make your guests feel a part of the Cherry family.
  • Be creative and fun: It’s ok to post a picture of a style in progress, a quote to be optimistic, a shot of a rainbow outside the salon. Whatever it may be, show your audience that you are human and a part of making your community a happy place.

How to attract new followers. You should always be striving to extend your social media reach on all platforms. Here are some ways to boost your following on Instagram.

  • Host a contest: Ask your guests to post a picture of their blowouts to win a $10 off coupon or 10% off styling products. Pick a winner at random but be sure to have them tag their friends when they post their image!
  • Engage with your followers: When someone leaves a comment, make sure to respond promptly. You want to encourage fun, good-natured, positive engagement.
  • Encourage sharing: Don’t be afraid to have your Instagram handle easily viewable in the salon, on your emails, and your Facebook page. Ask your guests to share their hairstyle on your Instagram as well as give your stylists the freedom to share as well.
  • Tag others: If you’ve partnered with a local business in your community or participated in a community event, tag those businesses with an image. The post shows up on their Instagram page so you are shown to a larger audience to gain followers.

There’s a lot you can do to show off just how wonderful your Cherry Blow Dry Bar really is! Remember, if you ever have any questions, we are always here to help you make your franchise a success!